Grey's Anatomy Recap: 10 Times Season 14 Episode 16 Gave Us The Feels


Grey's Anatomy Recap: 10 Times Season 14 Episode 16 Gave Us The Feels

How'd you feel about Grey's Anatomy season 14 episode 16 tonight, Grey's fans? We're pretty sure it was amazing. Did you stick around for Station 19? We certainly hope so! Could you get through this episode without thinking about Jessica Capshaw and Sarah Drew leaving? We definitely couldn't! Especially with their characters taking on their own storylines in tonight's episode. Dying to find out what happened in Grey's tonight? Don't fret. We've got a Grey's Anatomy recap for tonight's episode, "Caught Somewhere in Time" as told by the emotions of yours truly. Here are ten times Grey's Anatomy season 14 episode 16 gave us the feels. And whether or not those feels made us laugh out loud or made us want to die is completely debatable.

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1. "Good Luck With Your Vagina"

We are STILL screaming. Richard and Catherine finally caught Jackson and Maggie and yes, things got super awkward. And to make things worse? Maggie's only words were, "Good luck with your vagina," which is absolutely hilarious. But, also a little mortifying if you think about it. From Maggie's perspective.

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2. Damn, Amelia. GO IN.

You can't blame everything on the tumor, sure. And we know that Amelia wasn't perfect. But, you know what else isn't perfect? Owen. Yup, we were living when Amelia told Owen off for cheating on her (and probably Cristina) when they needed him most. Honestly, he hasn't been given enough crap for that. It wasn't ok.

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3. Bailey Fangirling Over Marjorie Is Adorable

If you didn't think it was adorable when Bailey met one of her idols growing up, then you have no heart. Marjorie, played by Laura San Giacomo, was a former astronaut. But, did she really say that she was building a time? Crazy. And although we're sad that Marjorie didn't make it in her surgery, she gave Bailey an idea as to what to name her project: trailblazer. Absolutely flawless.

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4. Give Webber More Credit, Catherine!

We knew the fight between Jackson and Catherine was coming. But, we didn't know how it would go. While fans everywhere are frustrated that Jackson and Maggie are siblings (yet are perfectly ok with Jamie and Cersei on Game of Thrones. Side-eyeing you, Janet), Catherine's main concern was what would happen to her relationship with Richard if there was ever an argument that ever caused them to take sides. Which is fair. That is, if you aren't married to Richard Webber. Like Jackson said, Richard deserves more credit. He is a better man than Jackson's father ever was and the two would be able to make it through. We have no doubts. But, does this mean that Jaggie will be here to stay? We'll see.

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5. Arizona And Sofia Are Breaking My Heart

Did anyone else squeal when Sofia showed up? Just me? Ok. Well, we were pretty happy when we saw Sofia, and just a little bit sad when we thought about Callie. But, our hearts broke when she started crying and said she wanted to move back to New York. (Does anyone else think that Arizona is going to end up in the Big Apple after this?) Anyway, we were pretty excited to see Sofia in the hospital, even helping her mother's patient calm down. So, Sofia's the next generation of Grey's Anatomy? Yes? OK!

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6. Welp, April Is Spiraling

April's storyline is frustrating. It's kind of funny when she's acting crazy with her interns. During the trauma simulation, April was over the top. She made the test entertaining for the audience to watch. Especially when she dragged DeLuca into it. But, when you realized what was happening, it was just sad. April is going down a dark place. She's completely lost a sense of who she is, she's almost unrecognizable. This episode, along with the fact that Sarah Drew is leaving after this season, just made me think that Shondaland is going to kill April off by the end. And we don't like that feeling.

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7. ANOTHER Plane Crash?

Did anyone else catch that? When April mentioned that there was another plane crash as part of the simulation, we immediately thought that a seed had been planted. Another character is going to die by plane. Maybe it's 13 years of Grey's Anatomy drama that has made us like this. Maybe it's just us. And we're going to be real, we hope it is just all in our heads.

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8. Did April And Jackson Just KISS?

While Japril fans rejoiced at the thought of this idea earlier this season, now it's just upsetting. Looks like they are never ever getting back together. Maybe. I mean, damn, April. Just when it couldn't get worse. You kiss Jackson. Did that really just happen?

"You can't fix what you can't face," Jackson said in response.

The. Worst.

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9. Jo Talking Up Meredith Is Too Freaking Adorable

When did Jo and Meredith's friendship become the only thing we're rooting for this season? We don't know, but we're pretty grateful. After all the time travel stuff, Jo inspired Meredith not to quit her competition. After all, Ellis Grey would want her to reach for her future, to want more. And so do we. Let's go, Meredith!

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Looks like Teddy Altman is coming back into our lives! I mean, Owen's life! After talking to Amelia about Teddy being Owen's "tumor", Owen realizes that he needs to be with Teddy. FINALLY. We're excited to see this happen.

But, we can't help but think about the plane crash line that April said earlier in the episode. You don't think that Shonda would do that to us again, right? Right?? We're hoping that we're just paranoid.

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GUYS. The trailer for the next episode. Who is this new guy that Meredith is talking to? Will she finally get a guy who isn't a rebound? Also, is he a patient at Grey Sloan? Is Mer going to become the next Izzie/Stephanie? We doubt it. But, we're excited for next Thursday!

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