Grey's Anatomy Recap: 11 Times Season 14 Episode 14 Gave Us The Feels

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Grey's Anatomy Recap: 11 Times Season 14 Episode 14 Gave Us The Feels

Grey's Anatomy season 14 episode 14 was everything we needed in a Grey's episode after learning that both April Kepner (Sarah Drew) and Arizona Robbins (Jessica Capshaw) won't be returning as series regulars after the current season. While it might not have been as exciting as the crossover episode last week, tonight's episode of Grey's Anatomy, "Games People Play," was definitely one for the books. Need a full Grey's Anatomy recap for season 14 episode 14? We've got all the highlights for tonight's episode, unfiltered. Here's ten times Grey's Anatomy season 14 episode 14 gave us the feels!

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1. Meredith Openly Talking About Masturbation

Let's get real. It's always refreshing when female characters talk about their sexuality without being oversexualized, especially on network television. And what's even more refreshing? Meredith Grey (Ellen Pompeo) saying that her sex drive was basically her work drive now, but she occasionally used her bathroom showerhead. In a world where no one talks about it? Especially when it pertains to women? Gold. Absolute gold.

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2. Who Is Auntie Marie?

Did anyone else ask "Who TF is Auntie Marie?" when she showed up at Grey Sloan? Because I definitely said that outloud. Turns out she was Ellis grey's best friend back in the day. But, where was she all this time? Apparently in Spain. But the best thing about her arrival? Meredith now has a new nickname: Mer Mer.

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3. Horny Amelia Is Hilarious

Amelia's face when Owen (Kevin McKidd) was taking charge? Priceless. Admitting that she missed sex with Owen? Understandable. Hooking up with Owen (finally)? Fire. While we're happy for these two, we're a little worried for what this means in the future!

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4. Jo Sticking Up For Meredith

When Jo (Camilla Luddington) stuck up for Meredith in front of Aunt Marie, we rejoyced. She's a freaking Harper Avery Award-winning surgeon, after all! But, we're totally loving this mentor/mentee relationship Jo and Meredith have going on!

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5. Are Sam And DeLuca Finally Together?

Amelia was on fire tonight. From her hilarious dialogue to her hookup with Owen, we loved it all. But, she was the one who finally pushed DeLuca (Giacomo Gianniotti) and Sam (Jeanine Mason) to admit their feelings to each other. Well, she pushed Sam to tell DeLuca she loved him after listening to both of them constantly talking about each other. The moment between Sam and DeLuca was sweet, but we're dying to see what happens once he's not a patient.

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6. Game Night Is So Freaking Awkward

And we love it. From Maggie's constant and forced giggling over Clive to April's new party girl attitude, tonight's game night started out super awkward. As expected, but we wouldn't have it any other way. Did you cringe through the whole thing? But wait...there's more.

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7. Alex Talking To His Patient's Mother

Alex Karev (Justin Chambers) might have been on the sidelines tonight, but his time onscreen did not go unnoticed. As we watched him fight to get his patient medical marijuana, we were reminded of just how much he's grown. Honestly! He cares so much for his patients, it's weird thinking back on season 1 Alex.

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8. WTF Auntie Marie?

What is Auntie Marie up to exactly? We're not entirely sure, but since Meredith said that she gave her everything, nothing good. You got played, Mer Mer.

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9. April's Breakdown Is Heartbreaking

We're not sure if it's the news that Sarah Drew won't be with us in season 15, but we felt so many things everything April cracked a little more when it came to breaking rules. Her world has crumbled before her, but how will she pick herself back up? What about April, dammit?!

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As soon as a random woman came to game night, we knew it was over between Clive and Maggie. Seriously?! Gross. Maggie deserves better than this predictable storyline. But, hey. We all saw this coming. Clive was a placeholder. Which brings us to...

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Are Jackson and Maggie finally together? Yes. And we fought it so hard before. But, Jackson's speech that kiss at the end of the episode was everything. Goosebumps. And when Meredith ran in, panicked from Auntie Marie? We're so excited for the next episode, it's unreal. Season 14 episode 14 set up so much drama. We need more.

Are you excited for next week, Grey's fans? Are you ready for JAGGIE?!