Grey's Anatomy Season 14 Just Got Longer And We're Totally Here For It!

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This season of Grey's Anatomy (Season 14) just got a little longer!

ABC Orders More Episodes Of Grey's Anatomy Season 14

Grey's Anatomy fans everywhere were bummed when they found out that the Grey's Anatomy Season 14 midseason finale was on the horizon. It's only been back for five weeks, after all. But, it definitely looks like showrunner Shonda Rhimes has a few tricks on her sleeve for the second half of Season 14, because according to The Hollywood Reporter, ABC is adding a few more episodes to Grey's Anatomy Season 14.

Grey's Anatomy via ABC

How Many Episodes Is ABC Adding To Grey's Anatomy Season 14?

ABC has upped its Grey's Anatomy Season 14 episode count to 24 episodes. Scripted network series are required to reach a minimum of 22 episodes, and Grey's Anatomy has had seasons that ranged between 17 and 27 episodes in the past. However, *Grey's Anatomy seasons are typically 24 episodes, so it looks like Season 14 is up to ABC's standards. We're also excited by this news, seeing as this order that our favorite show is doing well.

Why Did ABC Order More Episodes Of Grey's Anatomy Season 14?

So, what's coming now that we have an extra two episodes to look forward to in Season 14? Last week, we just lost our new favorite cardio surgeon, Nathan Riggs (Martin Henderson), after Riggs moved to Los Angeles with Megan Hunt (Abigail Apencer) and Henderson's short-term contract finished up as well. Refinery 29 notes that the last few episodes (22-25) of Grey's Anatomy Season 3 were made to get Addison Montgomery (Kate Walsh) ready for her spinoff Private Practice. They speculate that these additional episodes might be used to properly set up the Grey's Anatomy firefighter spinoff, which stars Ben Warren (Jason George). Seeing as the firefighter spinoff just started filming right before this announcement, we're pretty sure the extra episodes will have something to do with the spinoff.

Are you excited for more episodes of Grey's Anatomy Season 14?! We are!

Grey's Anatomy via ABC

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