Grey's Anatomy Season 13 Summed Up In 20 Screenshots

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Every feeling we had about Grey's Anatomy Season 13 in screenshots.

Grey's Anatomy Season 13 Summed Up In 20 Screenshots

Did you love Grey's Anatomy Season 13? We sure did! But if you didn't have time to catch up on Grey's Anatomy Season 13 on Netflix or if you're ready to relive Grey's Anatomy Season 13 through our perfective, don't fret! Here is Grey's Anatomy Season 13 summed up in 20 screenshots!

1. The MerLex Game Was Strong

2. Riggs Kept Trying To Get With Meredith

3. But Meredith Kept Having Flashbacks Of Derek

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4. Until Riggs & Mer Finally Joined The Mile-High Club

5. Maggie Was Angry At Meredith For Not Telling The Truth

6. Especially After Her Mom Died

7. But Then Something Weird Happened Between Jackson & Maggie

8. Even Though #JaprilTheSequel Happened In Montana

9. Alex Stalked Jo's Husband

10. And We All Thought Alex Screwed Up Again

11. But Nothing Happened (Other Than Some Eye Contact)

12. Amelia And Owen Had Baby Drama JUST Like Cristina And Owen

13. But Then Owen's Sister Was Found Alive

14. And Our Girl, Meredith, Did The Mature Thing, Told Riggs Everything, And Let Him Go

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15. Stephanie Was A Complete Badass

16. Until The Very End

17. Bailey And Catherine Conspired Against Webber

18. Then Brought In (And Fired) Minnick

19. And Webber Fought Back

20. At Least Ben Kept A Level Head Throughout The Whole Season

What was your favorite Grey's Anatomy Season 13 moment?

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