Grey's Anatomy Season 13 Recap: The 10 Best Moments

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Because Grey's Anatomy Season 13 was SO good.

Can you believe that Grey's Anatomy Season 13 is over? We can't! And whether you loved it or hated it, Grey's Anatomy Season 13 was crazy. Some moments made us laugh. Other moments made us scream. But, one thing's for sure: Grey's Anatomy Season 13 was one that we won't forget! Check out our 10 best Grey's Anatomy Season 13 moments! Do you agree with our picks?

1. When Meredith Called Alex And Told Him Not To Give Up

If this early Season 13 moment didn't make you cry, we're pretty sure you're heartless. Just kidding! We loved watching this MerLex scene and we definitely felt all of the feels.

2. When April And Jackson Hooked Up

O.M.G. Did somebody say #JaprilTheSequel? This moment was a perfect Jackson/April scene. It brought us back to why they worked and why we loved them.

3. When Meredith Said, “It Better Be A Nice Hotel”

As much as we HATE Riggs for making Meredith move on from Derek, we LOVE Riggs for making Meredith move on from Derek. I mean, c'mon! Her husband died two seasons ago. She deserves every bit of happiness that comes her way.

4. When Owen Learned That His Sister Was Alive

This moment was all thanks to Kevin McKidd's (Owen Hunt) acting. His face said it all and we felt every bit of it. And it looks like Owen's PTSD is coming back, too. It was the perfect setup for Grey's Anatomy Season 14.

5. When Alex “Confronted” Jo’s Husband

Were you shocked or mad when we thought Alex beat up Jo's husband twice? How about both? It was shocking. It was exciting. And we all know one thing for sure. We are so ready to see how this ends in Season 14!

6. When Stephanie Set The Rapist On Fire

Despite almost being blown to bits, this moment was flawless. We love Stephanie Edwards for doing something so incredibly badass.

7. When Bailey Fired Minnick

Was complete badass-ery and justice the theme of the Season 13 finale? If so, congrats, Shonda Rhimes! You achieved it! We felt so good when Eliza Minnick was finally fired from Grey Sloan Memorial. Bye bye. You won't be missed.

8. When Maggie Found Out About Riggs And Meredith

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This moment was so powerful, considering no words were needed to figure out what was going on. It only took one touch for Maggie to realize that Meredith and Nathan probably joined the Mile-High Club. Amazing.

9. When Stephanie Thanked Richard

I'm not crying. You are! This moment in the Grey's Anatomy Season 13 finale was certainly a tear-jerker. Edwards' thank you to Richard was everything he deserved after being bullied all throughout Season 13, and her goodbye was even harder. We'll miss you, Edwards. Only freaking superheroes.

10. When Derek Showed Up In His Ferry Boat Scrub Cap

Who else screamed when Meredith imagined Derek scrubbing in? Because we sure did. As much as it broke our hearts to learn that it wasn't the real thing, we were just happy to get a little bit of McDreamy back in our lives.

What was your favorite Grey's Anatomy Season 13 moment?

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