Grey's Anatomy Season 13 Has Finally Come To Netflix!

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For the Grey's fan who needs something to binge watch while they wait for Grey's Anatomy Season 14!

When Does Grey's Anatomy Season 13 Arrive On Netflix?

Grey's Anatomy via ABC

After a month without new episodes of Grey's Anatomy, we've been feeling some major Grey's withdrawals. Unfortunately for us, it looks like Grey's Anatomy Season 14 won't be airing until mid to late September and Private Practice, Grey's Anatomy's spinoff, was taken off of Netflix. But, it definitely looks like our Grey's luck has changed!

Better get your tequila on, Grey's fan! Because Grey's Anatomy Season 13 is available to stream on Netflix as of Saturday, June 17! We guess we know what you'll be doing this weekend! Just remember to prepare yourself for the emotional roller coaster that was Season 13!

And for those who were wondering where to watch Private Practice now that it has been taken off of Netflix's menu, you can still stream the show on Hulu.

Will you be watching (or rewatching) Grey's Anatomy Season 13 on Netflix, Grey's fans?! And what are you going to do if Grey's gets removed from Netflix like Private Practice? Let's just hope it doesn't come down to that.

Grey's Anatomy via ABC

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