Grey’s Anatomy Season 13 Awards: Best Relationships, Most Hated, And More!

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A Season 13 review, featuring the Best Relationship, Weirdest Romance, Worst Episode, and SO much more!

Grey's Anatomy Season 13 has been one of the most talked about seasons since the early days of the show. Seeing as this season of Grey's was supposed to revolve around the "original" characters like Meredith Grey and Alex Karev, that came to no surprise. Grey's Season 13 has been a rollercoaster of emotions, for both the characters and fans, as our favorite Grey Sloan Memorial doctors navigated through some crazy drama. So, here is our awards-styled review of Grey's Anatomy Season 13! Let's see if you agree with our picks!

1. Most Improved: Meredith Grey

Grey's Anatomy via ABC

Meredith has had quite a few flawed moments this season (the whole Maggie/Riggs situation and minimizing Alex's attack of DeLuca). But by the end of Season 13, we were looking at a woman we have gotten to know for 13 seasons, and we saw how much she has grown.

She became more stable and competent as an individual. She held onto her beliefs, even if it challenged Bailey. In the end, she stood by both Alex and Nathan. She became a lot more supportive towards both Amelia and Maggie since Season 12. She finally moved on from Derek. And when Megan came back into Nathan's life, it didn't destroy her. In fact, she was the one who told him. She became so much more than that gifted intern that fell in love with the hot-shot surgeon. We're just super proud of how much Mer has matured and grown!

2. Character Who Needs More Screentime: Alex Karev

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To be honest, we're upset with all of Karev's storylines this season! He's a series original, damnit! Yes, he had that trial storyline for the first half of the season, but it dragged on forever and then ended anticlimactically, with DeLuca simply dropping the charges. And then Karev pretty much disappeared for the second half of Season 13 except for when he tracked down Jo's ex-husband. But, nothing came from that either! It seems like Shonda is setting up Alex drama for next season. Or perhaps she's preparing to kick him off. Regardless, we need more Karev in our lives!

3. Character Who Grew On Us The Most: Nathan Riggs

Did anyone really like Riggs when he was first introduced as Meredith's new love interest? We didn't. He was arrogant and we were still hung up on McDreamy! However, we realized he wasn't so bad. He can be supportive and helped Meredith through her grief. And did you see the freaking look on his face when Meredith told him that Megan was still alive in the Season 13 finale?! Our hearts melted, and we're looking forward to his storyline next season!

4. Most Hated: Eliza Minnick

Truthfully, Grey Sloan Memorial could probably use some of Minnick's pointers. But, Minnick was arrogant and unwilling to compromise. And she didn't give a shit about Richard Webber. And one thing is for certain. You do not mess with Richard Webber. Even if Arizona was the only one who enjoyed Minnick's company, their relationship severely lacked the spark that Calzona had. We were all done with Minnick after she forgot to tell the police about Stephanie Edwards in the Season 13 finaleand blamed everyone else for what happened to her. Thankfully, Bailey thought so too, and fired Minnick on the spot. Bye, Minnick.

5. Most Out Of Character: Arizona Robbins

Speaking of Arizona, all of her actions seemed alien this season. She didn't stand by Webber when Minnick was basically there to oust him. She didn't stand by Karev when Minnick was roasting him. It was as if Arizona suddenly forgot that she was Webber's friend or that she taught Alex everything he knew. Suddenly, standing by your friends didn't matter to Arizona once it came to getting laid by Minnick. In fact, it was as if Arizona had no other motivation in most of Season 13 than to get into Minnick's pants. It was disappointing to see her come across so one-dimensional, especially considering she is one of the few characters on Grey's Anatomy that is part of the LGBTQ community.

6. Most Badass: Stephanie Edwards

Everything about Edwards' final moments was badass. From staying on top of her game in a horrifying situation, to lighting a rapist on fire, to quitting the program on her own terms to do what was best for her, Edwards remained flawless in our eyes. She was a true superhero and she will be missed!

7. The Worst Character Return: Leah Murphey

Where is she again? No, but really. When was the last time we saw her? It was like she popped in just as fast as she popped out. And what storyline has she really impacted since she came back? Was she supposed to bring drama to Arizona's love life? Do we even care? (The answer is no.)

8. MVP: Ben Warren

Grey's Anatomy via ABC

No matter the situation, we couldn't help but fall more and more in love with Ben. He was the voice of reason. He was unafraid to speak his mind, whether it was with his colleagues when they were arguing over nothing or calling out his wife and Chief. He kicked some major ass in all of his surgeries. And he went full on superhero firefighter to save Edwards. Truly, Ben was the best on Season 13.

9. Best Romantic Reunion: Japril

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April and Jackson have been through a lot since they first appeared on the show. And eventually, they turned into one of the only major couples worth cheering for on Grey's. It broke our hearts when they separated, but in Episode 16 of Season 13, the couple reunited in Montana. They even hooked up by the end of the episode, and it was nice to see them work together. While we are pretty bummed that we still don't know their fate, their reunion certainly lifted our spirits.

10. Weirdest Romance: Maggie and Jackson

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This one definitely came out of nowhere, especially when their relationship seemed nothing more than a budding friendship. The pair bonded over Maggie's mother's death, sure. But, we didn't really see signs of a romance until April made that shocked face in the Season 13 finale. This relationship is also incredibly polarizing. You're either all aboard or you're not. Though, whatever your preference, you just know that there's going to be some crazy drama between April, Jackson, and Maggie next season.

11. Best Friendship: MerLex

One of the only good things that Alex's prison storyline brought to Season 13 was seeing Meredith and Alex's relationship. You could definitely see and feel how much these two cared for each other, having been together for 13 seasons. Meredith stood by Alex's side when things were difficult. She was strong for him. She defended him during his trial. She is his person. And if that phone call didn't reduce you to a puddle of tears, then nothing will.

12. Best Meredith Grey Episode: In The Air Tonight

This Meredith-centered episode was one of the best and most heartbreaking episodes of later seasons. And of course, it had to do with an airplane. It was kind of hilarious when Meredith and Riggs joined the Mile High Club, but things got serious really quick. However, the episode showed us just how far Mer has come since the last plane crash episode through a series of flashbacks. We were also reminded of how much Meredith truly loved Derek, which made her choice to move on more intense. And it was pretty cool to see her utilizing her Neuro God skills on the plane, too.

13. Worst Episode: Civil War

So, nothing really happened in this episode except for fighting. It wasn't even super intense drama fighting. Everyone just fought. Everyone sucked. Everyone was annoying. Except for Ben, who was all of us when he got tired of the April, Jackson, Webber, and Catherine drama and seemed to be the only one capable of getting shit done without bickering. Bless him for saving us from rolling our eyes to death.

14. Best Episode: True Colors

Nothing has captivated us more than this episode in recent seasons. The intense drama and cliffhanger at the end reminded us why we love Grey's Anatomy in the first place. Alex tracked down Jo's abusive husband. Even if nothing really happened, we saw absolutely horrifying fantasy sequences that were too real. (And we absolutely loved it when he said his name was Alex Stevens.) Owen found out that his sister, Megan was alive, which threw him into a tailspin. Huge. And on Edwards' first day back from counseling, she was kidnapped by a rapist. But she eventually lit him on fire, which was amazing. We were already on the edge of our seats when Edwards realized the fire was close to oxygen tanks. She went full-on superhero and then BOOM. This episode got our hearts racing for multiple storylines, and honestly, it should have been the finale.

15. Worst Storyline: Owen And Amelia Baby Drama

Grey's Anatomy via ABC

Did we really need this? We've seen Shonda repeat storylines, especially in Season 13 (the Maggie love triangle, anyone?), but this was the worst. It's a direct rip-off of the Cristina and Owen storyline. Owen wants a baby. Cristina/Amelia does not. Commence no communication all season. Wow. Amazing. They didn't do anything different. Owen didn't learn anything from his past experience with Cristina. Amelia didn't grow as a person because of it either. Everything about this storyline was awful.

16. Best "Plot Twist": Megan Is Alive

The only thing that saved Owen and Amelia from their repeat storyline was the revelation that Megan was alive. Okay, so we all saw it coming, but that was kind of the beauty of it. The foreshadowing, from Megan's return to what it was like for the family of someone who went missing and came back, was amazing. (Remember, Claire, the schizophrenic who went missing when she was 20?) Kevin McKidd, who plays Owen, completely killed every second of the "Megan's alive" reveal and Owen's growing PTSD. The plot twist itself also bring endless possibilities for multiple characters. We are so excited to see what happens next season.

17. Grey's Anatomy Season 13 Grade: C

To be frank, Season 13 wasn't one of Grey's Anatomy's strongest seasons. There were several storylines that were repeated from previous seasons, like the almost plane crash, Maggie's love triangle, and the Owen/Amelia/Cristina baby drama. A lot of arcs were dragged on without much payoff. SO many major characters were neglected or simply forgotten. It was a mess.

On the other hand, there was a bunch of great aspects to Season 13, like Meredith and Alex's relationship, Megan's arrival, Ben's development, and Stephanie's badassery. However, it definitely seemed like all the great storylines in Season 13 were trailers for Season 14. It was a season of mostly filler episodes. But one thing is for sure! We are super excited to see what happens in Season 14!

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