Grey’s Anatomy Scrubs: The Best Ones and Where to Buy Them

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Grey's Anatomy via ABC

For everyone who wants to look like Meredith Grey or Derek Shepherd!

Grey's Anatomy Scrubs: The Best Ones and Where to Buy Them

Since Grey's Anatomy's release in 2005, people have been dying to get their hands on Grey's Anatomy scrubs to get their chance to feel extraordinary like Meredith Grey, Derek Shepherd, or any other doctor at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital! And now you can be stylin' just like your favorite doctors in Grey's Anatomy! Exciting, right? Here are our picks for the best Grey's Anatomy scrubs and where to buy them!

Grey's Anatomy via ABC

Official Grey's Anatomy Scrubs

Did you know that Grey's Anatomy has an entire collection of scrubs by Barco? Here are a few places to buy them!

Scrubs & Beyond: Check out these Barco Grey's Anatomy Scrubs! They have pretty good deals for the Grey's collection. And you get free returns and price matching!

Uniform City: For even more deals! Get them while they're cheap!

Amazon: For anyone with Amazon Prime! The wait for these scrubs will be far less excruciating than the wait for Season 14!

JCPenney or The Uniform Outlet: They might not be the cheapest place to buy Grey's Anatomy scrubs. But, if you don't want to purchase them online, you can look through these stores and usually find official Grey's scrubs in person!

Derek Shepherd Ferry Boat Scrub Cap

Sadly, the Grey's Anatomy collection doesn't carry Derek's famous scrub cap. But, you can usually find fun ones on sites like Etsy!

Happy searching!

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