I Rewatched Major 'Grey's Anatomy' Episodes on My Period & It Was a Mistake

rewatched grey's anatomy major episodes on period
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Rewatching Major 'Grey's Anatomy' Episodes On My Period Was A Mistake

I never thought of myself as a masochist. But, then I found myself rewatching some of the most heartbreaking episodes of Grey's Anatomy during a time when I was personally most vulnerable — and I liked it. Maybe I've come around to Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) and Cristina's (Sandra Oh) Twisted Sister ways. Maybe I just needed a good cry. Or maybe this is just some sick way of getting readers like you to click into a piece and capitalize on my personal experiences. Who knows? Regardless, I rewatched a few major Grey's Anatomy episodes on my period. Here's what went down.

The Pilot

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I have to start with the Pilot episode, right? While this one didn't leave me shaking to my core, it's the one that started it all. Plus, jumping from the latest season 15 episode straight to season 1 episode 1 is shocking. The entire cast has changed and the OG doctors were babies! I couldn't help but get nostalgic and a little excited.

Tissues Needed: 1

It's the End of the World/As We Know It

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UGH. The bomb episode. This two-part episode, which originally aired after Super Bowl XL, was epic. It was one of the first big episodes Grey's had ever put on — for good reason. I mean, can you get through the end of "It's the End of the World" cliffhanger without getting chills? Meredith fcking Grey, how *dare you put your hand on that bomb when everyone else ducked for cover. I can't. And then in the second half, the Grey's Anatomy team had the nerve to kill off Coach — I mean Kyle Chandler's Dylan Young. Nope. Nope. Nope.

Tissues Needed: 2

Losing My Religion

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This is the episode that would plague Snow Patrol's "Chasing Cars" forever. Seriously, can you listen to the song without bursting into tears? The answer is no. While my heart still leaped a little when Meredith and Derek hooked up earlier in the episode, that bit of happiness was destroyed when Izzie found out Denny died and sobbed over his lifeless body. Then Alex — being Alex —swooped in like Superman and destroyed me even further. Thanks, Grey's.

Tissues Needed: 2

Now or Never

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Even though I knew the Izzie/George elevator to heaven scene was coming, it still hit me like it was the first time. This was Grey's Anatomy's introduction to killing off major characters, and no, I did not like it. I did not like it one bit. When Meredith found out John Doe was George? My heart stopped. When Izzie lost consciousness and Alex was left sobbing on the sidelines? Tears. When Izzie gets on the elevator in her pink dress and sees George in his army uniform as the elevator doors open? I lost it. It was an incredible finale, but yes, I also learned an important lesson. Never trust Shonda Rhimes.

Tissues Needed: 5

Sanctuary/Death and All His Friends

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This episode was a rollercoaster. And not the fun kind. I've rewatched this episode numerous times, and I'm typically just struck by fear. But, this time was different. During this rewatch, I was sobbing — and screaming — from the second Reed was shot in the head. Then when Alex was shot. When April found Reed. When Derek was shot after almost talking him down. When Cristina operated on Derek at gunpoint. When Lexie told Alex she loved him in front of Sloan, even though he called her Izzie. When Bailey and Mary realized they couldn't save Percy and then he died. Do I need to go on? I was shook to my core, and I had to promptly take a very long break after this episode.

Tissues Needed: Infinite

Song Beneath the Song

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Okay, anytime "Chasing Cars" plays on Grey's Anatomy is a signal to run, no matter what form it's in. "Song Beneath the Song" was the infamous musical episode, where Callie hallucinates everyone singing after a major car crash. And as per usual Grey's fashion, everything is upsetting and nothing is okay. When all the doctors surrounded Callie to help while singing "Chasing Cars," I knew I was done for and just sobbed from beginning to end. Frankly, I didn't even know what was happening in the episode until it ended.

Tissues Needed: 7


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The plane crash episode was the point of no return for Grey's Anatomy. So many people mark this as the last episode they watched, and I understand why. It. Is. Devastating. Every single one of those doctors was in shock — and it definitely didn't feel like an episode of Grey's, but that didn't make it any less heartbreaking. While there were funny but sad moments, like Cristina's quest for her shoe, watching Lexie die was one of the hardest things to see in Grey's history, especially when it's Mark who says goodbye.

Tissues Needed: 10

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Welp, that's all for now. But, my heart couldn't handle watching Derek die again, nor Cristina's exit. So, I stopped. What is the most heartbreaking episode of *Grey's Anatomy, in your opinion?

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