Grey's Anatomy Released Season 13 Finale Synopsis And Promo Photos

And not everything is as it seems!

WARNING: SPOILERS AHEAD! Stop reading if you don't want to know anything about the Grey's Season 13 finale!

If you've been paying attention to any Season 13 finale spoilers, you know that showrunner Shona Rhimes has promised us an episode that is on fire. You're probably scared, and so are we! We're pretty much waiting for our favorite hospital to explode, along with some of our favorite doctors with it.

And now, ABC's first synopsis of the episode, titled "Ring of Fire," has been released. Screener shared:

Uh oh. Where do we even start?

This synopsis definitely makes it seem like if there is a fire at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital, it'll probably be because of this "dangerous patient"! Does this mean dangerous = pyromaniac? Or perhaps they cause it by accident? There's also a "dangerous patient" in the synopsis for Episode 23, so it looks like we won't have to wait until the finale to find out!

And what does that mean with Alex's relationship with Jo? Even though a lot of fans would like to see Alex with Mer, we're also still fans of Jo and Alex! Also mentioned in the synopsis for Episode 21, Alex will "attend a medical conference after making a shocking discovery."

Does that mean that Alex will finally meet Jo's abusive husband that we all think former Glee star Matthew Morrison will be playing?

We're pretty nervous for Alex now, too.

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And finally, that last bit: "Meredith has big news for Nathan."

Errrm, we hope this is just Shonda's way of teasing her audience since "big news" usually equals "baby" in television. Was something other than feelings conceived during their time on the Mile High Club. But, other than baby news, what could this mean?

We're hoping this has more to do with what happens now that Maggie knows about Meredith and Nathan's relationship. Hopefully, it'll mean happiness for everyone involved. But, you never really know with Shondaland, do you!?

At least it seems like Mer, Ben, and Bailey make it out of the hospital in these promo photos!

Are you excited or terrified for May 18th? What do you think will happen on the Season 13 finale??

Catch Grey's on ABC every Thursday at 8/7c to find out!!

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