Grey's Anatomy Producers Changed The Show's Original Name Three Times!

And all 3 pre-Grey's Anatomy titles were equally terrible!

Let's face it: Grey's Anatomy is anything but ordinary, in both good ways and bad. The doctors over at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital have all had their share of crazy drama, with at least one big tragedy every season for 13 seasons. Explosion? Fire? Plane crash? Bomb? Affairs? The death of all your favorite characters? You name it, and Meredith Grey and Company have probably already endured it. Grey's Anatomy is absolutely insane, but that's exactly how we like it!

Thus, the ambiguity and drama to the show's title are absolutely fitting! Grey's Anatomy is a fantastic name, especially for anyone who doesn't watch the show! Anything can happen in Grey's world, and we wouldn't even consider anything less! But, there was a time where Grey's Anatomy was almost called something entirely different.

Grey's Anatomy via ABC

In an interview with Buzzfeed, Kate Walsh, who played the infamous Addison Montgomery for eight seasons of Grey's Anatomy and another six seasons on the Grey's spinoff, Private Practice, told us that the producers of Grey's tried to change the title of the show three times. What?

Grey's Anatomy via ABC

In the interview, Walsh revealed:

"With Grey's, I remember because I came in at episode eight, at that time the morale was really low. They kept changing the name of the show. It was Doctors and then Surgeons and then Complications, and I was like, 'What a bullshit show title!' Grey's Anatomy is the perfect title."

Uhhhh...Doctors? Surgeons? Complications? Those are awful names! Those are like low-budget General Hospital or House knockoffs that air for half a season before getting shut down, just to be revived by Netflix 10 years later with a better title. Yeah, we're definitely with Kate on this one! Those titles were bullshit!

Thank the Shondaland Gods for coming to their senses and blessing us with Grey's Anatomy. And okay, the show would probably have done well, but it just doesn't feel right! Grey's Anatomy without Grey's Anatomy just needs something more. And honestly, what's Grey's Anatomy without a little bite to it?

What do you think about the first three Grey's Anatomy titles?

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