Justin Chambers Says Meredith And Alex Could Get Together On Grey's Anatomy

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MerLex fans rejoice! Justin Chambers says that a Meredith And Alex hookup is possible, but are you ready for it?

Are Meredith And Alex Going To Get Together On Grey's Anatomy?

Will Meredith Grey (Ellen Pompeo) and Alex Karev (Justin Chambers) get together on Grey's Anatomy? We've asked this question since they met in Season 1 and ever since Alex became Mer's person after Cristina Yang (Sandra Oh) left in Season 10, we've watched fans push even harder. While we're excited for Meredith and her badass single self after the departure of her most recent love interest, Nathan Riggs (Martin Henderson), earlier this season, Justin Chambers has some opinions of his own about MerLex's future and we can't help but feel a little excited. So, does Chambers think that Meredith and Alex will get together on Grey's Anatomy?


Justin Chambers On Alex And Meredith

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight at Paleyfest, a fan asked Chambers if Meredith and Alex would finally become #MerLex.

Chambers responded, "I think anything is possible. I think friends can become lovers like that, that's possible too."

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If this news doesn't make your heart jump a little, we don't know what will! But, Chambers, who either didn't want to spill the beans or get fans' hopes up too much, went on to say, "I'm very comfortable with them being platonic -- like brother and sister, and friends. I think that suits them better."

While our hearts sink a little, Chambers then added, "But hey, who knows? Nobody knows how things go, you know? I was friends with my wife before we started dating."

And while we agree that this does seem like a solid foundation for a good relationship, Chambers ended his answer by saying, "They have been friends a long time though. Alex and [Meredith] have come up together and I don't know, [it'd be] a little weird, but anything is possible."

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While we totally get where Chambers is coming from, we're totally getting mixed signals. But, if you get past all the brother and sister talk, doesn't it seem like Meredith and Alex have a fighting shot at being a real couple? Since we heard that Ben and Bailey might be breaking up soon, we just need one couple we can root for! Shonda, please!

But, while Chambers thinks that Meredith and Alex could hookup one day, it doesn't look like that's happening anytime soon. In fact, Chambers is actually rooting for Alex and Jo Wilson (Camilla Luddington) to stay together.

"I'm excited to see what happens with him and Jolex," Chambers said. "I think they really love each other. I know they have a lot of obstacles to go through, but it will be interesting to see what conflicts, fires they can put out. Merlex and then Jolex, we'll see what happens."

Do YOU think that Alex and Meredith will EVER get together? Do you want them together or do you like where they are now?

Grey's Anatomy via ABC

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