Grey's Anatomy Jo Wilson's Secrets Revealed!

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What was Jo hiding from her dark past?

Grey's Anatomy Jo Wilson's Secrets Revealed!

One major storyline from Grey's Anatomy Season 12 that seemed to be pushed towards the sideline in Grey's Anatomy 13, was Jo Wilson's dark past. At the very end of Season 12 of Grey's Anatomy, Jo revealed that she could marry Alex Karev because she was already married to an abusive man and she had changed her name. But, what exactly has happened with Jo and Alex now that Season 13 of Grey's Anatomy has wrapped and we patiently wait for Season 14!

Did Jo Wilson Come Clean About Her Secrets To Alex Karev In Grey's Anatomy Season 13?

Yes, she did! After finding out that she would be called to testify in Alex's court case in the Greys Anatomy Season 13 winter mid-season finale, Jo told Alex everything in the elevator at Grey Sloan Memorial. (What IS it with that elevator and sharing deep, dark secrets?!) But, we're pretty happy that Jo finally told Alex the truth. Though, we're also horrified because of the details she did reveal in the elevator. Check it out in the video below:

In the video, Jo tells Alex that her husband once tried to beat her to death and she has been running from him ever since. She tells him that Jo isn't her real name and that she didn't tell him at first because she was trying to protect him. She didn't want to put Alex in a situation where he would do something he would regret and potentially end up in jail. (The irony.)

In the end, Alex told her to stop running and that she could just be Jo Wilson because that's who she is now. And we all saw what happened next. Alex was about to turn himself in, but Andrew Deluca ended up dropping the charges anyway. Phew!

What is Jo Wilson's Real Name on Grey's Anatomy?

Then flash forward to the Grey's Anatomy episode before the Season 13 finale, titled "True Colors." We finally met Jo's abusive husband, Dr. Paul Stadler, when Alex decided to track him down at a medical conference to get him to sign divorce papers.

Although nothing really came out of it and Alex didn't end up talking to Paul, we saw plenty through horrifying glimpses of Alex's vivid imagination. But, we did find out one major thing about Jo: her real name.

Now, we know that Jo Wilson is actually Brooke Stadler! And we also know who Paul is. But, will we see more of Brooke and Paul Stadler Grey's Anatomy Season 14? We definitely think so! Raise your hand if you're terrified!

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