Grey's Anatomy Fire Spinoff Enlists Superstar Director Paris Barclay

Time to start getting excited about the Grey's Anatomy firefighter spinoff!

Grey's Anatomy Fire Spinoff Enlists Superstar Director Paris Barclay

Time to get excited Grey's Anatomy fans! Looks like Shondaland is going all in for the new untitled Grey's Anatomy firefighter spinoff. The Emmy-winning director and former Directors Guild of America, Paris Barclay, has signed up as the producing director and executive producer of Shonda Rhimes' new show.

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The Grey's Anatomy spinoff was announced May of this year, and it will focus on the drama of a group of firefighters, both at home and in the workplace. The first episode is expected to air as a planted episode of Grey's Anatomy Season 14, which will return this fall.

While we would love for Grey's Anatomy star Jason George, whose character, Ben Warren, went full-on firefighter mode in the Grey's Anatomy Season 13 finale, we should see a brand new cast for the Grey's Anatomy firefighter spinoff.

While we don't know the cast of Shondaland's new straight to series spinoff, it's reassuring to hear that it is in good hands. Barclay, who was also the producing director and executive producer of Fox's baseball drama, Pitch, will join Betsy Beers and Grey's Anatomy producer and co-showrunner, Stacy McKee.

Barclay has earned quite the impressive reputation. He has earned multiple Emmys for directing NYPD Blue and has also worked on successful shows like Glee, ER, The West Wing, House, Weeds, and In Treatment. Barclay has also worked on a Shondaland project before, as he directed an episode of Scandal in 2016. We're super excited to see what he brings to the table!

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