4 Fan-Favorite Couples From 'Grey's Anatomy' That Deserved Better

grey's anatomy couples that deserved better
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Justice for Calzona!

'Grey's Anatomy' Couples That Deserved Better

With 15 seasons — and counting — fan-favorite characters have come and gone from Grey's Anatomy in what seems like a blink of an eye. Individual stars have shined bright. But, as with any true drama series, the romances have burned brighter. As Grey's fans, we have witnessed whirlwind romances that have made our hearts swoon like never before. But, like with any longwinded show, sometimes things don't go exactly as we had originally hoped. Sometimes the writers decide it's best for the storyline to let go of certain characters and other times actors decide to leave the show. While these things happen, it also means that the fans — and the character's other half — have to say goodbye, whether they like it or not. Today, we're breaking down some of the best Grey's Anatomy couples that deserved better in the end. And by better, we don't mean better treatment by fans. Because that's an entirely different list. Here's looking at you, Jaggie haters.

Regardless, here's a look at some of our favorite couples on Grey's Anatomy and the ending that they (probably) deserved in the end... if you're into happily ever after, that is.

Callie & Arizona

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We're going to be honest. This list could probably be JUST an essay on why Callie (Sara Ramirez) and Arizona (Jessica Capshaw) deserved better on Grey's Anatomy, and there still wouldn't be enough space to do them justice. In the beginning, Calzona was one of the greatest couples in Grey's Anatomy history and was a major influence on LGBTQIA representation in major network television. Arizona was Callie's "Good Man in a Storm," but that all came tumbling down in later seasons. Towards the end of their run, Callie and Arizona's relationship became almost unrecognizable, riddled with problems, cheating, and sourness. Callie ended up leaving for New York, taking Sophia after a custody battle that broke our hearts. Then when Capshaw was being written out of Grey's Anatomy in season 14, the writers alluded that Arizona went to New York to be with Callie. However, nothing was shown onscreen, and Calzona's epic romance ended, well, flat.

Meredith & Derek

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If you didn't start watching Grey's Anatomy for Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) and Derek (Patrick Dempsey), then you're lying. They are basically the poster child for Grey's Anatomy, and while we know that Meredith and Cristina's (Sandra Oh) friendship was far more important than MerDer, you couldn't help but root for the couple in earlier seasons. However, it became quickly apparent that Derek wasn't the McDreamy we all fell in love with as time went on. While Derek seemed to grow from the hypocritical slut-shaming person he was in season 1, in later seasons, he was no longer the charming — but slightly problematic — Derek Shepherd. He was just... problematic.

No matter the situation, Derek's career was more important than Meredith's, especially when the president came calling. After he did give it up, he then resented Meredith for it and eventually had an affair with an assistant in DC. But when the couple finally got to a good place, the writers killed Derek. There wasn't exactly a redemption arc. There was simply an episode showing the great Derek Shepherd beginning to return to his McDreamy ways. But by the end of the episode, he was dead. And just like that, MerDer, the supposed epic romance, was over. It was what it was, and fans just had to, well, deal with it.

April & Jackson

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The way that Jackson (Jesse Williams) and April (Sarah Drew) broke things off on Grey's was unforgivable. While we're not exactly upset that Jackson and April split in later seasons, we are upset about how the writers chose to write the end of Japril on the show.

Not only did April get a lackluster exit, along with Arizona (Jessica Capshaw), in the season 14 finale, Jackson and April's storyline felt unfinished, especially after their heating beginning. The couple started out as best friends, and even after every horrific thing that happened to them — from Samuel to hell, their marriage — Japril always found a way to love — even if it that meant they weren't "in love" with each other. Their romance and friendship were epic. One for the books. But, like the demise of other relationships on Grey's, their ending fell flat. April randomly married Matthew, who she left at the altar... for Jackson.

Lexie & Mark

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When your "if they, won't they" relationship ends with THE plane crash episode, then you deserved better. End of story. Mark (Eric Dane) and Lexie (Chyler Leigh) had one of the longest on-and-off-again relationship on Grey's Anatomy, building from the moment they met.

Then when the two finally figure out that they want to be together, that they were meant to be, a freaking airplane falls from the sky, eventually killing them both. Say what you want, but no couple deserves that. And yes, it still hurts.

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