12 Times Tonight’s Grey’s Anatomy Destroyed Us: ‘Cold As Ice’

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10 Times Tonight's Grey's Anatomy Destroyed Us

Do you need a hug after that episode, Grey's Anatomy fans? Because we definitely do. The Grey's team brought their A-game and we're still not over it. It definitely felt like a throwback to old times, and we're honestly still in shock from the madness that just happened. From April Kepner's (Sarah Drew) life-threatening trauma to Jackson Avery's (Jesse Williams) reaction, we were ugly-crying from beginning to end. Was the episode everything you wanted it to be? Here's our recap for Grey's Anatomy season 14 episode 23, "Cold as Ice."

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1. When Bailey Told Arizona How Much She Meant To Her

While we all were anticipating tears with April's storyline, we didn't know how much our hearts would hurt when Arizona (Jessica Capshaw) told Bailey (Chandra Wilson) that she was leaving.

Bailey said:

I thought you were a pixie stick. When I met you I thought you were an empty vessel full of sugar who skated in a hospital. I didn't know then that it would be one of the great privileges of my life to know you and to work with you.

Is anyone else still sobbing? Just me? Okay!

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2. When Dr. Herman Came Back & Said What We Were All Thinking

We did not realize how much we needed Dr. Herman (Geena Davis) back in our lives, but it definitely made our hearts happy when we saw her. And, boy, was it awkward at first. We're still cringing from when Arizona and Herman saw each other for the first time.

Then we screamed when Dr. Herman said what we've all been thinking since Arizona decided she was moving to New York: It's unacceptable.

But, we're happy to see that Dr. Herman and Arizona decided to open up a practice in New York by the end of the episode. We guess.

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3. When Alex Asked Mer If She Wanted To Come Taste Cakes With Him & Kepner

And then Meredith just sobbed.

Nope. We can't. It was too much. When you see our girl cry, you know it's over. Our hearts shattered into a tiny million pieces and we don't think we'll be able to recover.

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4. When Everyone Came Together For April

When was the last time we saw that many doctors in one room? Too long. April Kepner is loved and we loved how everyone came and actively took part in saving her life.

And when they prayed for her because that's what she would have wanted. Ugh. Our heartstrings.

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5. Every Scene With Jackson Avery

Jesse Williams killed it in this episode. Honestly, this post could seriously just be made up of his scenes and it would suffice. Williams's acting was so superb, we are still in awe. And slightly scarred from all the tears. Where do we even begin?

We screamed at our screens as Jackson walked around the hospital without the knowledge that April was in danger. And the second he found out, we immediately regretted everything. His eyes said it all. He was devastated during her operation. And so were we.

Then, the scene where he prayed for April absolutely gutted us.

When he pleaded, "I'll do anything. Just don't take her away," we seriously thought our hearts would stop beating. In this moment, we were crushed. Why would you do this to us, Shonda?

However, this heartwrenching moment quickly subsided when...

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6. When April Woke Up

April woke up after Jackson prayed for her and she heard everything. Hilarious. But, the moment April opened her eyes, we all screamed with joy.

Not today, Shondaland!

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7. Maggie. Freaking. Pierce.

I'll say it. I love Maggie Pierce (Kelly McCreary). Everyone who hates on her is wrong. Okay, so you don't like Jaggie. Whatever. You can't deny that Maggie was a complete badass throughout this entire episode. She was quick on her feet and did everything she could to save April. She tried when everyone else gave up. She was a rockstar and ultimately saves April's life. So yes, go Maggie.

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8. When Arizona Went On A Rant About Callie

Did anyone else catch that?

When Arizona went on a rant about moving to New York to Richard (James Pickens Jr.), she told him to gripe at Calliope Torres (Sara Ramirez). While we were excited for the mention, Arizona also mentioned that Callie has been great and that she had been surprising her with something. Unfortunately, Arizona didn't say what Callie was surprising her with, but it had us thinking for a split second that Callie might be coming back.

Unortunately, we think this is just a bone to throw at fans. A little treat to keep us happy. But, who knows? Maybe Callie will return in the finale.

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9. And Then She Spilled The Beans On Matt And April

Surprise, surprise! April and Matthew are together again. We admit it feels a little out of left field. And we were also secretly hoping for Japril to get back together. But, by the end we were sold. Especially when they were sleeping next to each other in their hospital beds.

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10. Every Time Meredith References Something From The Drowning Episode

Did this hurt for you as much as it did for us? If it didn't, we don't know if you're a real fan. Just kidding. But, it definitely gave us some serious flashbacks.

However, it was hilarious when Meredith asked April if she saw dead people after she woke up.

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11. When April Told Owen "You Always Come And Bring Me Back"

While this moment was small, we're happy that the Grey's writers didn't forget that Owen is April's mentor as well as what they share. And it might have made us tear up a little.

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12. When Meredith Put Derek's Things In The Drawer

Just when you thought that this episode couldn't get more emotional, the Grey's team does what now? Seriously. While it's probably one of the best episodes this season, our hearts can't take much more. After all of the references from Mer's almost-drowning, Meredith puts Derek's (Patrick Dempsey) ferry boat scrub cap in her drawer with the Post-It sticky note. Absolutely gutted.

Does this mean that Meredith is ready to move on? Things are about to get really interesting next season.

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What did you think of tonight's episode? And tune into the season fourteen finale as we say goodbye to Arizona and April for good!

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