Why We NEED to See Grey’s Anatomy Bring Back April Kepner

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This is exactly how we imagine the return of April Kepner!

This Would Be the Perfect Way to Show April Kepner's Return on Grey’s Anatomy

Our hearts were torn out of our chests when Grey's Anatomy decided to cut April Kepner (Sarah Drew) out of the Shondaland medical drama.

As fans, we were blind-sighted by Kepner's departure, especially after everything she had been through with Jackson (Jesse Williams) in season 14 as well as the character growth since her arrival in season 6.

While her presence has been noticeably missing throughout all of season 15, showrunner *Krista Vernoff gave us hope about the potential possibility of April's return to Grey's Anatomy in the future by stating "never say never."

But what would happen if April ever came back to the show? Turns out her offscreen beau has a few ideas on how April could return. And it sounds like the perfect way to bring her back.

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In an interview with TVLine, Williams was asked if Sarah Drew would return to Grey's Anatomy. After all, she still lives in Seattle. So, her reappearance wouldn't be that strange.

Williams, who said that he "would love" for April to return, not only for his admiration for his co-star, but also as a major plot point that would show audiences how their characters manage co-parenting and post-divorce life.

"April is local and we share a kid together, so it would be an opportunity to highlight what it is to be a co-parent, or what it is for April to be a third wheel in my relationship with Maggie," Williams said.

Williams also brings attention to the fact that most shows on broadcast television don't talk about divorce or how that affects people as much as it should.

"It's real-life," Williams said. "Most marriages end in divorce which means new people come into our lives and you have to co-exist. You don't see a lot of that on broadcast television."

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At the end of the day, we would be happy if Drew returned to the series, no matter the storyline. However, we also think that Williams' idea is genius.

Not only would it create a larger scope for divorce and co-parenting depictions in television, which let's be real here, is definitely needed in 2019, but there's also a chance for serious dialogue being created for anyone going through one.

So, Grey's Anatomy team, are you up for the challenge? Because we are.

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