Grey’s Anatomy Alex Karev: 10 Things You Need To Know About Alex

How well do you remember Grey Sloan Memorial's bad boy?

Grey's Anatomy: 10 Things You Need To Know About Alex Karev

We have all been in love with Alex Karev since Grey's Anatomy Season 1. He's one of five original characters left as of Grey's Anatomy Season 13, after all! But, how much do we know about Karev and the man behind him, Justin Chambers? He's a man of mystery, that's for sure! So, here are 10 things you didn't know about Grey's Anatomy's Alex Karev and Justin Chambers!

1. Alex Karev Wasn't Even In The Original Pilot

Can you even imagine that? Alex wasn't even in the pilot for Season 1 of Grey's Anatomy! He was later written into the show as a foil to George O'Malley's character. But, the pilot episode was digitally altered to add Alex into the scene. Bless Shonda for making this decision! We don't like the sound of Grey's without Karev!

2. Justin Chambers Has Been Married For Over 20 Years

YUP! Luckily, Justin's love life hasn't been as complicated like Alex's. He has been married to Keisha Chambers for over 20 years! That's an amazing milestone!

3. Justin Is A Twin

Justin told US Magazine that he is a fraternal twin brother! He also has fraternal twin girls! So cute!

4. He Almost WASN'T Alex Karev

Justin also revealed that he wanted to be a dentist when he was a kid! Luckily, he became an actor instead! But, at least he was able to play a doctor!

5. Goerge O'Malley Wasn't The Only George In Justin's Life

In LOL news, Justin revealed that he had a pet goose named George! No wonder his character could tease O'Malley so much...

6. Before He Was Alex Karev, Justin Was A Successful Model

Before he started acting (and after he wanted to be a dentist) Justin was a model. He was found by a scout on the Paris Metro and has modeled for Calvin Klein, Armani, and Dolce & Gabbana. Just to name a few.

7. Justin Is A Lady's Man, Just Like Alex

via ABC

Justin might be married now, but he once revealed that he took an acting class just because he wanted to meet his childhood crush, Lindsay Wagner.

8. He Is Itching To Leave Los Angeles Once Grey's Anatomy Ends

So, it looks like Justin *really wants to move back to New York. He told USA Today, "I came out here for Grey's Anatomy and didn't know it would be such a success. When it's over, I'm out! Back in New York, which will always be my home."

9. Justin Has A Sleeping Disorder

Justin told People Magazine that he had a longtime sleep disorder, which led him to check into UCLA's psych ward. He said, "It's an issue that I've had for a while. It's a biological sleep disorder. Your mind keeps racing, and your body is tired. It wants to go to sleep, but it can't."

10. Justin Was In The Wedding Planner With JLO

Anyone remember the early 2000's classic movie The Wedding Planner? How about Mary's (Jennifer Lopez) childhood friend, Massimo with the awful Italian accent? Remember him? THAT was Justin Chambers! Talk about a transformation!

How many of these facts about Justin Chambers shocked you??

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