Grey's Anatomy Episode 332 Sneak Peek Clip: Bailey & Catherine

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Okay, so technically, it's $799.

Bailey & Catherine Bond Over a $800 Blender & Honestly, It's A Mood

Grey's Anatomy is about to break the record for longest-running medical drama on primetime television, an honor that ER held since 2009. Fans have been "patiently" waiting for more details on the 332nd episode, and Chandra Wilson, who has played Miranda Bailey since 2005, delivered. During an interview with People TV, Wilson shared a quick sneak peek clip from Grey's Anatomy season 15 episode 15, which airs on Feb. 28 of this year.

While the clip is short, Wilson also shared a bit of information about the cast that will definitely melt your heart!

In the clip for the episode titled "We Didn't Start the Fire," we see Catherine (Debbie Allen) and Bailey together in the back of a car, drinking. They're dressed up and it appears that they're being driven to a fancy event. ABC recently released the synopsis for the episode, which reveals that Jackson throws a party in celebration for his mother's surgery. So, we bet they're headed there.

Regardless, we see Bailey gushing over something on her phone. She claims that not only can you clean dishes with it – it even cleans itself. When Catherine asks her what it is, Bailey tells her it's a $799 blender.

Grey's Anatomy via ABC

When Bailey claims that she can't buy it because of its price, Catherine persists Bailey to imagine the blender on the counter and that nothing could compare to that joy. Instantly, Bailey buys it – and honestly, we love it.

While Wilson made it clear that she hasn't bought a $799 blender like her character – and we certainly couldn't ever afford one – we think that the scene was hilarious and frankly, Bailey and Catherine should be able to do whatever they damn please, especially after enduring everything Grey's Anatomy has thrown at them.

So, cheers to that.

That being said, it's clear that Wilson has certainly been through it all. She's been on the show since the very beginning and is one of only four original characters left on Grey's Anatomy, alongside Ellen Pompeo, James Pickens Jr., and Justin Chambers.

When People asked about her relationship between the final four original cast members and the dynamic changes when new cast members are brought on the show, Wilson had one thing to say. And yes, you will feel those warm and fuzzy feelings.

"The four of us can finish each other's sentences," Wilson said. "I'm always conscious about the fact that anybody new coming in is coming in to learn. They want to know and I'm conscious to set the very best example that I can set for anybody coming on the show, but they're going to send their flavor in, too. So we still have a nice give and take."

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