10 Times The Grey's Anatomy 300th Episode Special Gave Us The Feels

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The 300th episode of Grey's Anatomy aired tonight and you BET we had feels!

The 300th episode special of Grey's Anatomy aired tonight! Was it everything you thought it would be, Grey's fan? We laughed. We cried. We are so ready for more! Did you just fall in love with Baby Cristina (originally Sandra Oh), Izzie (originally Katherine Heigl), and George (originally T.R. Knight)? Honestly! That banter between Baby George and Baby Cristina was spot. on. We loved every second of the special, from the storyline down to the nostalgic music. Plus, with all of those easter eggs that hinted at old episodes and characters of Grey's Anatomy, how could you not fall in love? So, without further adieu, here's are the ten feels we had during the 300th episode of Grey's Anatomy!

1. When They Played The FREAKING THEME SONG


Did anyone else scream when they heard the old Grey's Anatomy theme song? Was it just me? Oops. Anyways, when "Cosy in the Rocket" started playing after the first few minutes of the 300th episode, we just knew we were in for a treat.

2. Every Time We Saw Baby Cristina, George, Or Izzie

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From the first moment we heard Baby Cristina and George yell at each other, we knew we were done for. We were shocked at just how much they acted like our favorite ex-doctors of Seattle Grace...we mean...Grey Sloan, and we were just a little gutted just thinking about how much they have been through. To say we miss them dearly would be an understatement.

3. When Baby Cristina Begged Meredith To Save Her Like She Was Cristina


At first, baby Cristina was a hoot to watch. She hated Baby George. She sucked up to Meredith, who funnily enough, was one of her idols. But, it completely broke us when she realized that her life could be over and she begged Meredith to save her life as if she were her person. While we knew that Cristina was safely in Switzerland, this line tore us apart.

4. When Bailey Cried Over George...I Mean Marital Problems


Did anyone else tear up (okay, sob) when Bailey was crying after seeing Baby O'Malley? And when Webber came up and mentioned George, we were in a puddle of tears. Did you also feel a little silly when Bailey said she was crying over Ben and marital rage? While this made us chuckle a little, we don't doubt that at least part of those tears were going to George. He was her favorite, damnit!

5. Arizona's Speech About Missing Mark

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We expected to be punched in the gut by talk of the original interns and even Derek, but we didn't expect to be hit so hard by Arizona's speech about the perpetually relaxed Mark Sloan, how much she missed him, and what he would say if he was there now. We're getting a little teary-eyed just thinking about it.

6. When Zola Said She Wanted To Be A Brain Surgeon Like Derek


And there it is. After Meredith had her Derek flashback before hooking up with Riggs for the first time, we thought we would be prepared for this. Sure, we teared up a little when Alex asked if Derek would be proud of Meredith on the ferry boat. But surprise, surprise. We weren't ready for this one. When Zola said that she wanted to be a brain surgeon just like her dad and said that she missed him, we were absolutely devastated. Same, Zola. Same.

7. When Webber Said He Could Never Forget George

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We said it once and we'll say it again. George O'Malley did not deserve to go out like that! We haven't forgotten him since and apparently, neither has Chief Webber. When Webber mentioned that out of all the interns that came and went, he could never forget O'Malley. Now that hit us hard, seeing as Bailey and Webber are basically the mom and dad of Grey's Anatomy. We were torn.

8. When Alex FREAKING Karev Explained How He Imagined Izzie's Life

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If you didn't cry when Alex told Jo how he imagined Izzie life was now, you are a liar! He wishes Izzie the best with her life, especially after everything they had been through, and doesn't want to ruin that image of her with something else. And to be honest, we want that fantasy to be true. Perhaps the Grey's crew will bring Izzie back one day. But for now, Alex's imagination is enough.

9. Jackson's Acceptance Speech For Meredith

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In this moment, we felt so proud of Meredith. We've spent 14 seasons watching her grow into her person and surgeon she is today, and it was as if we were cheering her on with everyone else in the ER gallery. But, it was when Jackson mentioned who Meredith had lost that we completely lost it. Lexie? Tears. Derek? Sobs. Ellis showing up as a proud mama bear? Bawling on the floor.

And the fact that she takes "all that pain and all that loss and turns it into drive"? Fuck yeah, Meredith Grey.

10. Anytime We Saw An Old Character Come Back

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Speaking of Ellis, she was one of many old faces we got to see in tonight's episode. We cried when Ellis showed up. We jumped up and down when Sofia made her comeback to Seattle and smiled when we saw a photo in Arizona's house with Callie. And in the final moments of the special, we saw Cristina Yang about to chat with Alex and Meredith in the tunnels, just like old times. Now, that was everything.

Thank you, Shonda Rhimes.

What was your favorite moment of the Grey's Anatomy 300th episode special??

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