Grey's Anatomy 2017 Cast Vs. Grey's Anatomy 2005 Cast

Is it even a contest?

Whether you've been watching Grey's Anatomy since Grey's first premiered in 2005 or you just tuned into Grey's Anatomy on Netflix in 2017, it's likely that you've grown attached to the original Grey's Anatomy 2005 cast. But since then, storylines have changed and some major characters have died, thanks to Shondaland's endless Grey's Anatomy drama. How does the current Grey's Anatomy 2017 cast even compare to the originals? Well, we're about to find out! Here's the original Grey's Anatomy 2005 cast vs. the current Grey's Anatomy 2017 cast! Let's see if you agree!

Grey's Anatomy via ABC

The Original Grey's Anatomy 2005 Cast

Meredith Grey

Grey's Anatomy via ABC

Portrayed by: Ellen Pompeo

In the beginning, Meredith was the dark and twisty intern that fell in love with her attending. She was impeccably talented, brave, and most importantly, an interesting lead to follow throughout the show.

Cristina Yang

Portrayed by Sandra Oh

The hilarious and fiery Cristina Yang was anything but boring in the original 2005 season. She was Mer's person and twisted sister, and the show still hasn't been able to fill the hole that was left behind when she made her exit in Season 10.

Alex Karev

Portrayed by Justin Chambers

Our favorite bad boy originally wasn't even in the pilot episode. Thank God Shonda decided to add him in. In the beginning, he was pretty nasty, considering his arrogant attitude and the fact that he inadvertently gave George syphilis, but we soon learned he has a heart of gold.

George O'Malley

via ABC

Portrayed by T.R. Knight

Oh, sweet George. He was hilariously awkward and gave us some pretty bad secondhand embarrassment every time he tried to hit on Mer. But, we fell in love with him gradually. And there's one thing most fans can agree on: HE. DID. NOT. DESERVE. TO. DIE. LIKE. THAT. #justiceforgeorge

Izzie Stevens

Grey's Anatomy via ABC

Portrayed by Katherine Heigl

Even if Izzie wasn't a Twisted Sister like Mer or Cristina, we appreciated her heart and the positivity she brought to the table. To be honest, without Izzie in 2005, we would all be pretty bummed. And until her exit, Izzie made her mark, despite some pretty horrific storylines. Ahem, ghost sex. Ahem, performing surgery on a deer.

Miranda Bailey

Portrayed by Chandra Wilson

Honestly, Bailey has impressed us since Day 1 of Meredith's internship. She's strong and cut-throat, but she has a soft side, too, but she was always loyal to those that really mattered to her.

Derek Shepherd

Portrayed by Patrick Dempsey

SIGH. Yeah, he might have been a McAss sometimes, but he'll always be McDreamy to us. He was the eye candy we all needed in our lives and the love of Meredith's life. And, like Yang, his exit is one that hit the Grey's community hard. It hasn't been quite the same since his departure.

Preston Burke

Portrayed by Isaiah Washington

Burke was Grey's first Cardio God. Not to mention he was also an impeccable teacher and lover to Cristina. It was a shame to see him go, but Cristina was able to carve out her own path afterward. While we were happy to see him make an appearance in Season 10, the tradeoff for his exit might have been worth it.

Richard Webber

Portrayed by James Pickens Jr.

From the beginning, Richard was basically everyone's father they didn't know they wanted. Not going to lie, while he's been there from the beginning, we didn't know much about him in Season 1. In fact, he's one of the original characters that really shines in later seasons.

The Current Grey's Anatomy 2017 Cast

1. The Remaining Four: Meredith, Alex, Bailey, And Richard

In Season 13, we were supposed to see more of our favorite original characters, meaning the characters who were in the original pilot. While we did see this, especially with Richard, we still felt like more screentime was given to newer characters. Karev suddenly disappeared for the last half. Where was Bailey half the time? And in all honesty, it doesn't even feel like Meredith's show anymore. We miss their presence as the leads of the show.

Owen Hunt

Grey's Anatomy via ABC

Portrayed by Kevin McKidd

Owen was interesting for a while when he met Cristina. But, in Season 13, it seemed like he was simply repeating Cristina x Owen baby drama storyline, but with Amelia instead. It's boring to get a repeated storyline, especially since Owen has an incredible backstory.

Amelia Shepherd

Grey's Anatomy via ABC

Portrayed by Caterina Scorsone

Oh, Amelia. Where do we begin? She had such an awesome backstory, but you only get to see it on Private Practice. In Grey's, it seems like she's always second best. To Derek. To Cristina. It's clear that she needs more to do, damnit!

April Kepner

Portrayed by Sarah Drew

So, I'm just going to say it. Since her introduction until now, she has been annoying. And in Season 13, her storyline has dwindled down to being Jackson's on-off love interest. Not cool. We want to see more growth from her, but we would trade her for Cristina any day.

Arizona Robbins

Portrayed by Jessica Capshaw

We loved Arizona when she was first introduced, especially since her chemistry with Callie was insane. But, in Season 13, we saw a side of Arizona that was unfamiliar. She was a shell of a character who only wanted to get into Minnick's pants with no loyalty to her friends. It was uncool and seemed out of character. Mess.

Jackson Avery

Portrayed by Jesse Williams

Jackson is probably the best eye candy Grey's has to offer in recent seasons. His eyes alone make a girl's knees go weak. But, his storylines in Season 13 have been odd, to say the least. Did his storyline with his father go anywhere? Not really. Where did his love for Maggie come from? We aren't entirely sure, either. Hmm...

Maggie Pierce

Grey's Anatomy via ABC

Portrayed by Kelly McCreary

We wanted to love Maggie since her introduction. But, for some reason, she keeps getting lame repeat storylines! It's so frustrating! From basically being Lexie 2.0 to continuously getting stuck in the middle of a love triangle, we're just done. She needs and deserves to be flushed out as a character in her own right.

Nathan Riggs

Portrayed by Martin Henderson

It was hard for Meredith to move on from Derek. It was hard for US to move on from Derek. But, even if this guy is cute, he just doesn't do the job for us because he's so boring. It's like the writers are trying to make him more like Derek, but failing.

The Residents + DeLuca

ABC Studios

Honestly, so many come and go without proper character development, that fans simply don't care about the new interns and residents as much as they loved the original 5 interns.

Jo Wilson has some potential, considering she has her own storyline with Alex. But, we still don't know much about her. Stephanie Edwards definitely had the potential to be loved like Cristina, considering her talent and sass, but she made her exit in the Season 13 finale. Leah Murphey came back in Season 13 but hasn't been seen in a few seasons. Andrew DeLuca is great eye candy, considering he basically looks like the love child of Derek and Mark, but that's about it.

And We Have A Winner: The Original 2005 Grey's Anatomy Cast!

Was there ever really a competition? The Grey's Anatomy 2005 cast definitely outshines the Grey's Anatomy 2017 cast. To be fair, the Grey's Anatomy 2005 cast was significantly smaller than the Grey's Anatomy 2017 cast, so we got to see more development with them. Now, there's just too many faces to keep track of in the Grey's 2017 cast. Maybe it's time for some crazy Shondaland drama to ensue so that we can give each character a fair shot!

Who do you love more, Grey's fans? The Grey's Anatomy 2005 cast or the Grey's Anatomy 2017 cast??

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