The 'Grey's Anatomy' 15x15 Promo Will Make Your Heart Melt

Grey's Anatomy via ABC

Wonder how many times 'Grey's Anatomy' has said 'seriously'? Seriously.

‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Counts Up Every Major Moment & It'll Make Your Heart Melt

With 332-episodes and counting, Grey's Anatomy is certainly breaking barriers. And now, they're celebrating their big record-breaking win, as Grey's surpasses ER as the longest-running medical drama on primetime television, and they're tallying up all of your favorite moments. So, how many hookups, surgeries, and dancing it outs have there been so far on Grey's Anatomy? Well, it's way more than we can count, but ABC did the math for the Grey's Anatomy 15x15 promo, so don't @ us if anything is off.

So, are you ready to feel some major nostalgia for seasons past? Because this one will send shivers down your spine if you've been there from the beginning! Check the video for the record-breaking episode down below!

The Numbers Don't Lie...

So, what's the breakdown? Well, in the promotional video, ABC claims that after 332 episodes of Grey's Anatomy, the show "boasts some kick-ass numbers."

  • 100 Hookups
  • 20 Weddings
  • 40 Births
  • 50 Dancing It Outs
  • 20 Punches Thrown
  • 1,500 Surgeries
  • Countless OMG Moments
  • 400 Seriouslys
Grey's Anatomy via ABC

Seriously? Seriously.

We're not going to lie. Whoever was paid to find those numbers better have been compensated with the proper pay because sifting through every episode of Grey's Anatomy is one tough challenge – especially when you consider all those moments that you simply can't get through without crying.

And while we're excited that Grey's has made it this far in television history, we can't help but feel a tiny bit sad since most of those clips were from earlier seasons, especially when you consider that basically all of those 'OMG Moments' were from before season 10. It's clear that we haven't gotten as many, but we're still excited to see what the Grey's team has in store for us in the future.

Are you?

Grey's Anatomy via ABC

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