Girls & Co Creates Political And Career Driven Books And Dolls For Kids

Girls & Co

Girls & Co focuses on political and career-driven women in today's society who are just as smart and ambitious as your little one! Here's the scoop!

Girls & Co Creates Career Driven Books And Dolls For Your Tiny Trailblazer

In 2014, Oregan State University released a study that playing with Barbie dolls could limit a young girls' career choices. Whether or not you believe that to be true, it's clear that women are highly underrepresented in politics and science and take on more caregiving roles instead. While we celebrate all types of women, we're dying to see women feel empowered in every role. Girls & Co is a company that strives to change the way kids grow up by creating a line of dolls and books that center around career driven characters to inspire the next generation of young girls. Their latest book release, The Brookies vs. the Bully, will have girls (and their parents) talking about politics, and it looks disturbingly familiar to the 2016 election.

The Brookies Vs. The Bully And Trump's Election

Wondering how the Girls & Co book, The Brookies vs. the Bully relates to the 2016 election? Well, the book is about MacKenzie Hill, an African-American fifth grader who wants to become the next elementary school president. Her competition? The fifth-grade bully, Joey, who sounds a lot like Trump by making campaign promises he clearly cannot keep like bringing back ice cream in form of field trips. Eerily similar, right?

In an interview with Bustle, author Molly Donovan reveals that she "felt compelled to write this specific story in the wake of last year's election."

"I felt completely shaken by what happened and disgusted by the campaign's unprecedented vitriol," Donovan said. "As I reflected in the days and weeks following election day, I also felt an uncomfortable familiarity: many of us (particularly women) have seen this story unfold before. I know I'm not alone in having witnessed so many examples of qualified, talented, industrious women being spoken over, picked apart, and shifted to the sidelines in favor of a loud and forceful man — whether in politics, in the workplace, or in the classroom. [Girls & Co founder Neha Chauhan Woodward] and I both thought it was the right time to share Mackenzie's story and demonstrate how some of the issues that permeated last year's campaign and election are deeply ingrained in our society — and especially troubling for young girls."

Donovan says that Joey also uses microaggressions and sexism to weaken how her fellow students view her.

""These types of comments and behaviors are incredibly prevalent in schools and workplaces and boardrooms across the country," Donovan said. "And they can often be just as harmful as overt instances of sexism [because] each tiny instance is so hard to quantify and combat."

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The Brookies vs. the Bully nails several aspects of existing as a woman in today's society, from gender-based harassment to discrimination to violence. And while we all woke up stone cold to the news that Donald Trump won the 2016 election, The Brookies vs. the Bully is left with an ambiguous ending, as the book ends with the polls opening. However, Donovan says that the message behind the story was within Mackenzie.

"In the book, the campaign takes a toll on Mackenzie, and she considers giving up," Donovan said. "We hope that every child who is negatively affected by policies will be inspired by Mackenzie to keep trying and keep working hard, even if winning isn't guaranteed. If enough people try enough times, then things can slowly, surely change."

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Girls & Co Dolls And Books Are For The Modern Girl

Donovan does not believe that the books and dolls by Girls & Co are just toys. She hopes that the company is able to "create characters that could serve as examples of and role models for the girls we know exist across the country: girls who are smart, ambitious, opinionated, caring, diverse, and kind."

Where To Buy Girls & Co Dolls And Books

If you're interested in buying the Girls & Co dolls, known as "Brookies" - you can do so through the Girls & Co website. There are a total of 7 Brookies — Anjali, Bailey, Cara, Maya, Perry, Rory, and Rowan. But only 3 of the 18-inch dolls are available to buy right now. You can buy Anjali, Cara, and Rowan on the Girl & Co site, and they are currently taking preorders for the MacKenzie doll, which will be available in June 2018.

The Brookies vs. the Bully is available to buy from the Girls & Co site as well as two other books, titled The Brookies Build a Business and Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls.

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