Giacomo Gianniotti on MerLuca Relationship on Grey's Anatomy

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Giacomo Gianniotti's Take on the MerLuca Romance on Grey's Anatomy

Grey's Anatomy fans have been "patiently" waiting for the hit medical drama to return on Jan. 17, but there's only so much we can take.

Luckily, the Grey's team have been working overtime during the holidays to keep us hyped with spoilers and information regarding the return of season 15 as well as what's coming up next in the new year.

Now, Giacomo Gianniotti, who plays the dashing Andrew DeLuca, has a few things to say about his character's potential romance brewing with the series lead, Meredith Grey (Ellen Pompeo).

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How MerLuca Came to Be (Behind the Scenes)

Ever wonder how Meredith and Deluca of all people ended up building a romance on Grey's?

According to Gianniotti in an interview with TV Insider, he wanted to help showrunner Krista Vernoff tell a story that wasn't exactly seen in today's media.

"When Krista Vernoffsaid that this was a direction she wanted to go in, we talked about the double standard in Hollywood in which we'd often see a 50-plus year-old man paired with a 19-year-old [woman]," Gianniotti said. "It's run of the mill to see that, but when a woman [is involved with a younger man] it's ‘strange' and not seen as often. She wanted to flip that on its head and see an older woman with a younger man, noting it could be sexy and empowering."

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Why Gianniotti Thinks DeLuca Is Better for Meredith Than Link

While we obviously love DeLuca and have seen him grow into his own since season 11 of Grey's Anatomy, what exactly makes him a better decision for Meredith than Link?

"That's a tough one," Gianniotti said. "Okay. I'm just going to go for it. I'm Italian! There's a romance to our culture and how we approach women. Giacomo Casanova, historically, is the world's greatest lover of all time! Maybe Meredith would be happier with a version of Casanova?"


However, we're hoping to see more between Meredith and DeLuca as well as Meredith and Link before we take any sides.

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What's Up Next?

Speaking of the love triangle between Meredith, Link, and DeLuca, we know that we have a lot more in store for us between these three in the second half of season 15.

And despite previously teasing that The One for Meredith is either DeLuca or Link, Gianniotti admits that it could actually be quite the opposite.

"There's the love triangle with Meredith, Link, and myself that we've created and we've shown a lot of pros to both guys and why each of them would be good for her, but it could also be where it's neither of us," Gianniotti said.

Excuse me?

While that news obviously saddens us, we can at least look forward to an intimate scene between the potential couple in the midseason premiere.

"In the next episode, these characters will spend time with one another and there's going to be an intimacy to their scenes," Gianniotti said. "Meredith will get to know DeLuca on a much deeper level. All there's left to do is for them to talk. This will strengthen their bond."

Grey's Anatomy Returns to ABC on January 17

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