George Clooney’s Reaction to ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Beating the ‘ER’ Record Is HILARIOUS

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"That's got to stop."

George Clooney Reacts to 'Grey's Anatomy' Beating the 'ER' Record – And It's HILARIOUS

Grey's Anatomy has been on a wild ride for 15 seasons – with no clear end in sight. While we're in love with the show's massive success, we're starting to reach some uncharted territory in the world of television. Seriously, not many shows last as long as Grey's has – and for that, we are grateful. Now, Grey's Anatomy is about to become the longest-running medical drama, dethroning the NBC hit series ER.

As longtime Grey's fans, we couldn't help but excited. However, there is one ER alum that is less than pleased that his show is about to be ousted from its record-breaking title.

Yes, George Clooney is a little upset about Grey's Anatomy beating out ER's record – he might even pick up his scrubs again.

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In an interview with E! News, Clooney, who is now producing and starring in the Hulu Original Catch-22, discussed the possibility of returning to ER to keep Grey's Anatomy from claiming the record later this season.

"That's got to stop," Clooney said. "We gotta go back and do some more!"

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While we're perfectly fine with that idea – so long as Grey's continues to up its game as well – the publication asked Clooney if there could actually be a reboot, the actor didn't exactly say no.

"Do you think that's a good idea?" Clooney asked. "I'd play a patient now!"

Color us shocked. The show had its season finale back in 2009 and in the time of endless reboots, we're surprised that no one has tried to revive ER just yet.

But, like Grey's Anatomy showrunner, Krista Vernoff, says: Never say never, right?

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