Every Feeling Grey’s Anatomy Fans Will Have Before September 28


Prepare yourselves. Panic. Breathe. Repeat.

Every Feeling Grey's Anatomy Fans Will Have Before September 28

Ever since Grey's Anatomy Season 14 released the air-date for its two-hour premiere, we have gone through a rollercoaster of emotions. So, here is every feeling a Grey's fan will feel before the premiere on September 28th!

1. Pure Joy


We're almost there! Can you believe it? As a Grey's fan, how could you not be happy about a new season?

2. Utter Shock

Grey's Anatomy via ABC

Once you realize that we're not going to be in Season 14, your mind kinda goes wonky. It's been how many years? I can't.

3. Excitement


Whether it's a month away or an hour away, you'll be ompletely excited with anticipation for the new season! Who doesn't love new episodes of Grey's Anatomy??

4. Obsession With Spoilers

Grey's Anatomy via ABC

If you're like me, then you'll probably be obsessing over what might happen to your favorite characters on Grey's. Will Maggie be with Jackson? Will Meredith be ok? And where are the children?!

5. Anger


When you realize that September 28 is basically two months away and there aren't enough spoilers to fulfill your needs. But the ones that do...

6. Panic


Every spoiler so far has caused us to panic. Jo's husband returning. Maggie and Jackson becoming a thing. Freaking Megan causing trouble. How could we not be worries?!

7. Fear


Then you remember that this is a Shonda Rhimes show. It's been a while since someone has actually died. But, this makes us think that someone important is going to go. And we're pretty damn sure that it's going to be soon. Oh jeeze, I'm getting a little worked up just thinking about it.

8. A Strange Sense Of Calm

Grey's Anatomy via ABC

You talk to your person and they're just as panicked as you are. It totally makes you feel normal, and everything seems ok for a moment.

9. More Panic


Because screw being calm. Grey's Anatomy Season freaking 14 is coming soon and we are so not calm!

10. Acceptance


But, then you realize that it'll be ok. No matter what happens, the carousel keeps turning, right?

Are you ready for Grey's Anatomy Season 14?!

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