Every Feeling A Grey's Fan Will Have Before The Finale


And scared doesn't even begin to cover it!

Grey's Anatomy season finales are epic. And it looks like the Season 13 finale this Thursday evening will be just that. We're absolutely terrified to see what showrunner Shonda Rhimes has waiting for us. It's no wonder Grey's fans will go through a lot before the end. So, here are 12 feelings every Grey's fan will have before the Season 13 finale!

1. Disbelief That It's The End Of The Season


OMG. Is it the end already? It feels like we just got back from the midseason break! Everything was going so well...and then BAM! Here we are!

2. Followed By Overwhelming Excitement


Even though Grey's finales are filled with tragedy and the total desolation of your heart, no one does a season finale quite like Grey's Anatomy! They're shocking and insanely captivating to watch. And even if things might seem a bit dull compared to previous seasons, that last episode reminded us exactly why we love Grey's in the first place!

3. But Then You Remember What Happened At The End Of The Last Episode

Grey's Anatomy via ABC

Speaking of that last episode...OMG IT WAS SO INTENSE. We have so many questions that remained unanswered and we're going absolutely nuts over Stephanie! Will she die? Will the doctors save her? We need to know!

4. And You Realize That There Was TONS Of Foreshadowing


But, thinking back on previous episodes in regards to fire made us realize it was always going to be Stephanie. Remember when Eliza Minnick mentioned that Edwards had "residency burnout"? Or how about when Liam's father told Edwards to "burn in hell"?

5. So You Panic & Rewatch The Season To Look For More Clues For The Finale


Time to put on your detective glasses! You just know that Shonda left some pretty obvious hints regarding the season finale.

6. Then You Try To Calm Down By Looking Up Spoilers


But, rather than driving yourself mad with speculation, you might decide to look at "definite" and "concrete" spoilers. However, things don't always go as planned...

7. But This Just Makes You Even More Alarmed


While some spoilers might actually calm you down, most of them are pretty damn alarming! It looks like the fire will last until this Thursday, since the finale is most definitely "on fire."

8. You FREAK OUT Because You Realize More People Might Die


But, now we know that our worries about the safety of Stephanie Edwards are very real, considering Jerrika Hinton, who plays Edwards isn't coming back as a series regular in Season 14. Also, the whole cast seems to be freaking out and we've been given reasons to worry about our favorite doctors over at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital! We have some really bad feelings about this one!

9. You're Concerned Why Other Grey's Fans AREN'T Freaking Out Like You



10. But You Call Up Your Best Grey's Person To Panic Together


Luckily, you've got your person! You can ease your burdens by sharing fan theories and actual spoilers. You might both be panicking, but at least you have each other!

11. You Try And Suck It Up Because You're A Pro When It Comes To This Show


But, hey! It's coming soon and it's coming fast! Nothing can prevent the finale from happening, so you can try and play it cool. Prepare supplies and get ready for Thursday! Ice cream? Check. Tequila? Check. Your person? Check.

12. But Nothing Can Ever REALLY Prepare You For A Grey's Finale


But, no matter how prepared you feel...you can never really prepared. Our hearts are in the hands of Shonda Rhimes so things are not looking good. But, it'll be ok! Just put one foot in front of the other! You can do this! We can get through this!

Good luck, Grey's fans!!

Catch the Grey's Anatomy finale on ABC this Thursday at 8/7c!!

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