Every Feeling A Grey's Anatomy Fan Will Have Before The Season 14 Premiere!

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How do you feel about the Grey's Anatomy Season 14 premiere?

Every Feeling A Grey's Anatomy Fan Will Have Before The Season 14 Premiere!

Since Grey's Anatomy Season 13 ended in May, we have been anxiously waiting for Grey's Anatomy Season 14 to arrive! While we still don't know the exact date of the premiere yet and we're itching for more info, we are expecting the Grey's Anatomy Season 14 premiere to show on either Thursday, September 28 or Thursday, September 21. But, here is everything we will be feeling before the Season 14 premiere!

1. Complete Shock That It's Season 14


OMG. Has it been that long already? 14 Seasons?! No. That must be a lie. Because we're feeling pretty old right now.

2. Excitement!


Even if things might seem a bit dull compared to previous seasons, that last episode reminded us exactly why we love Grey's in the first place and even more excited for the Season 14! Especially considering there were so many open-ended questions at the end of that finale!

3. Obsession


Because we don't know that much about the Grey's Anatomy Season 14 premiere yet, we are digging into the interwebs just to find something! We pretty much google EVERY question we can think of into Google. We can't stop. It's a sickness.

4. Panic

Grey's Anatomy via ABC

When you realize that someone else could die at the hands of Shonda Rhimes. Who is next?! It better not be Alex! Or Meredith! Or Arizona! Or Bailey! Or anyone!

5. Calm


Just think. We don't know anything yet. Not for sure. Grab your person and calm each other down. Watch some reruns. Try not to think about it.

6. Breathe


Breathe. Just breathe. We realize that the premiere is coming soon. Nothing can prevent it from happening. Just. Be. Prepared. Got your person? Check. Got some tissues? Check. Got the tequila? Check.

Good luck, Grey's fans! Are you ready for Season 14?

Grey's Anatomy via ABC

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