5 Best Eating Disorder Podcasts for Recovery | 2018

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If you're recovering from an eating disorder and want to find community and support online, try listening to these eating disorder podcasts for 2018.

Best Eating Disorder Podcasts for 2018

Dealing with an eating disorder can be difficult. And finding proper information and resources can be worse, especially if it feels like you can't reach out to others who will understand what you're going through. Today, we're bringing you the best eating disorder podcasts of 2018 in the hopes that they help you feel a little bit less alone and to provide you with valuable information and the support you need at this time.

And while we love these podcasts for what they are, you should know that they should not be relied on as medical advice.

1. The Recovery Warrior Show

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If you need motivation and inspiration for your eating disorder recovery journey, then The Recovery Warrior Show is for you. Hosted by Jessica Flint, this podcast covers interviews with eating disorder recovery warriors as well as treatment professionals to share relatable advice. With over 100 episodes and counting, Flint provides her listeners with a valuable resource for those seeking support from people who truly understand.

2. The Eating Disorder Recovery Podcast With Dr. Janean Anderson

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The Eating Disorder Recovery Podcast is one of those podcasts that encompasses it all. From education about eating disorders from experts and professionals in the field to inspirational recovery stories, host Dr. Janean Anderson is able to relate and inform her audience in an authentic way that is unlike any other.

3. ED Matters

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Created by the Eating Disorders Resource Catalogue, ED Matters exists to open honest and healthy conversations about eating disorders. Every week, experts are interviewed to share insight for individuals seeking advice on recovery, how to help their loved ones through an eating disorder, and general information and tips for people who want to learn more.

4. New Plates: Eating Disorders and Parents

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If you're a parent who wants to be involved in your child's eating disorder recovery, then you might want to check out New Plates. Hosted by Laura Collins Lyster-Mensh, this podcast provides individuals with a resource on how they can help their loved ones effectively.

Things to Keep in Mind

If you or someone you know is battling with eating disorders call the ANAD Helpline at 630-577-1330. For more resources visit The National Eating Disorders Association and remember, you are not alone.