9 Dog Rescue Stories That Will Destroy You in the Best Way

rescue dogs
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Life is ruff. Here are some dog rescue success stories that will cheer you right up.

Adorable Dog Rescue Success Stories

When I'm down, dog rescue stories are one of the only things that restore my faith in humanity. Sure, I could watch The Office for the 500th time on Netflix or I could watch a dog get the life that they truly deserve. Because dogs live their entire lives loving us unconditionally. The least we can do is do the same.

So today, we're bringing you a little bit of joy. If you're having a rough time, check out these dog rescue success stories. And yes, you will be reduced into a puddle of tears. But yes, you will love it.

I need to mention that some of these videos are not for the faint of heart. Some of these dogs came from truly horrific places and it shows. Though, the ending is worth it. For me, at least. However, if you have trouble stomaching the dogs before they found their forever home, I would refrain from watching the videos.

1. Daya and Raisin

2. Starfish

3. Bobi

4. Rusty

5. Duncan

6. Cindy Lou

7. Arbuckle

8. Everest

9. Wendy