Does Snapchat Use Data? | 2017

Wondering if Snapchat uses your data? What is the cost of having Snapchat and how do I fix it?

Does Snapchat Use Data? | 2017

Since its conception in 2012, we have wondered if Snapchat uses data. And we hate to say it, but it's 2017 and it's time to get real, Snapchat users. Have you ever reached your cellular data limit and wondered why? Turns out it's probably your addiction to Snapchat whether you're using it constantly or it's being used in the background. So, does Snapchat use data? The short answer is yes. Snapchat uses your cellular data like crazy. But, how can you limit the amount of data Snapchat uses on a daily basis? We've got you covered!

How Much Data Does Snapchat Use?

Unfortunately, Snapchat uses a lot of data. Not only megabytes of data monthly. Snapchat uses entire gigabytes of data every month, even with the "reduced data usage" setting turned on. To compare, sending a text message takes about 20.1 KB. IBTimes has even seen that some Snapchat users will have 75% of their cellular data consumed by Snapchat. In an article by DMNews, we found out that "for every $100 spent on a mobile bill, consumers are spending $20 to post pictures of their kids, pets, and vacations for others to enjoy. Think about that next time you decide to share an image of Grumpy Cat."

Now that is absolutely crazy.

How Can I Limit Snapchat Data Usage In 2017?

Sad about Snapchat's data usage? Here are some options to consider!

  1. Turn on and connect to a Wi-Fi network whenever you can. So, whenever a connection popup comes up on your phone, don't ignore it. Connect to Wi-Fi to save your data for something other than Snapchat!

  2. You can disable Snapchat cellular data entirely. On an iPhone go to Settings > Cellular. Then scroll until you see the Snapchat icon and text and deselect it. Now, you have disabled Snapchat background data usage.

  3. According to a forum on Verizon Wireless, you can turn on Travel Mode in the settings to help Snapchat data usage. To do this, go into your Snapchat settings under "additional services." Then click Manage > enable Travel Mode.

Happy Snapping!

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