Does Empire Come On Tonight? | April 2018

Is a new episode of Empire Season 4 on tonight, Wednesday, April 18, 2018?

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Does Empire Come On Tonight? | April 18, 2018

Fans of Empire were (understandably) outraged when Empire Season 4 was postponed due for two weeks due to the World Series game between the LA Dodgers and Houston Astros. While we're excited about the holidays, fans can't help but wonder: does Empire come on tonight, April 18, 2018? Is there a new episode of Empire on tonight? And if it does, what time does Empire come on tonight? Because we've honestly been anticipating the next new episode since last week. It's seriously killing us. But, with the holidays coming up, you can never be so sure! So, is Empire on tonight? Also, where can you watch Empire season 4 episode 13? Don't fret! We've got all your Empire answers right here!

Does Empire Come On Tonight, April 18?

Happy Holidays Empire fans! But, does this mean bad news is coming for us tonight? Does Empire come on tonight, April 18th? Sadly, we've still got some bad news for any Empire fans. Just kidding! Empire is finally on tonight with a new episode. The show is still on winter hiatus. And yes, we are plenty excited!

What Time Does Empire Come On Tonight, April 18th?

So, what time is Empire on tonight, April 18? Well, Empire will air its premieres tonight at 8/7c, as always. Get ready.

Where To Watch Empire Season 4 Episode 13

Hulu Live TV




Empire Season 4 returns to ABC (almost) every Wednesday at 8|7c!

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