22 Dating Terms To Be Aware Of In 2018


Dating Terms To Be Aware Of In 2018

Dating terms in 2018 sound like they were meant to describe a bad horror flick that only a Flavor of Love reject could take. Ghosting? Haunting? Zombieing? Seriously, this is probably why most millennials have given up on love. And it doesn't help that a new relationship term starts trending twice every week.

But, it's not all bad, right? At least these words mean that you're not alone. Enough people have experienced the same thing as you in the social media dating world to put it into words.

Regardless of how you feel, it looks like it's time to learn the difference between orbiting, bread-crumbing, and other definitions that sound like they were made up. Luckily for you, we have compiled a dating glossary so that they don't ruin your life one day. I mean, so that you're aware of the meaning behind these modern dating words and how to deal with them if they happen to you.

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1. Ghosting

Ghosting Definition: The act of suddenly cutting off all communication with someone that a person is dating, but they no longer wish to date.

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2. Orbiting

Orbiting Definition: Orbiting can be mistaken with ghosting. However, being cut off completely is not an aspect of orbiting. It happens when someone keeps an eye on your social media, like looking at all your Snapchat or Instagram stories, even if they aren't messaging you back or talking to you in person.

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3. Submarining

Submarining Definition: The phenomenon of when someone you have been seeing disappears for a period of time then randomly resurfaces.

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4. Breadcrumbing

Breadcrumbing Definition: The act of leading someone on when they are not interested in that person.

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5. Cuffing Season

Cuffing Season Definition: The time period between autumn and winter where singles want to be "cuffed" or in a serious relationship.

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6. Benching

Cuffing Season Definition: When you don't know if you want to keep dating someone, so you "bench" them.

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7. DTR

DTR Definition: To Define The Relationship

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8. Catfishing

Catfish Definition: Someone who fabricates their online identity to trick people into relationships.

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9. Cushioning

Cushioning Definition: A dating strategy where a person is with someone, but is also dating "cushions" on the side.

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10. Slow Fade

Slow Fade Definition: When you start "something" with someone, but then realize you're interested in them, which results in passive aggressive disappearance from the relationship over a period of time.

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11. Phubbing

Phubbing Definition: The act of looking at your phone while someone is trying to communicate with you.

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12. Stashing

Stashing Definition: When you're in a relationship with someone but refuse to introduce them to your friends and family.

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13. Breezing

Breezing Definition: When you don't care about the rules of dating, playing games, or gender roles when you are dating.

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14. Love-Bombing

Love-Bombing Definition: When someone uses affection to build trust with their partner in order to gain control of their relationship.

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15. Draking

Draking Definition: When someone is being very emotional, often when you're feeling sad or even missing your ex.

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16. Kittenfishing

Kittenfishing Definition: A "light" version of catfishing. Presenting yourself in a positive way when it's not true. For example, using heavily edited photos or lying about your age or accomplishments.

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17. Slow Texting

Slow Texting Definition: Waiting for a text message response for a long period of time with no explanation.

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18. Hatfish

Hatfish Definition: A person who looks attractive while wearing a hat, but looks completely different once they take it off.

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19. Haunting

Haunting Definition: When someone ghosts you, but tries to come back into your life after a period of time.

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20. Zombieing

Zombieing Definition: When someone ghosts you, but then comes "back from the dead" after a period of time and offers up a lame excuse to justify their actions. Basically, zombieing is submarining with no explaination.

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21. Mooning

Mooning Definition: The act of putting your phone on "do not disturb" to ignore incoming messages.

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22. Caspering

Caspering Definition: Named after Casper, the friendly ghost, this term is the "friendly" version of ghosting. Rather than completely disappearing from someone's life with no explanation, you tell the person how you feel before disappearing from their life.