The Best Color Guard Instagram Captions | 2018

WGI World Championships color guard
via Instagram: @wgicolorguard

It's time to show the world your world.

The Best Color Guard Instagram Captions

Are you ready to sweep the floor at your next marching band competition? Fall is no joke, especially for those of us in color guard. So, if you're ready to share your skills and pictures with your followers on social media, then don't fret. We've got the best color guard Instagram captions so that you can spend your time thinking about your routine rather than some silly caption.

So get your rifles out and get your crew together for some fun. Here are our favorite captions about color guard.

Good Instagram Captions About Color Guard for Selfies

  • Spin. Eat. Sleep. Repeat.

  • Inside every performer is a beginner who fell in love.

  • Keep calm and dance on.

  • The flag won't hurt you. The flag is your friend. Love it, hold it, give it a little kiss.

  • Got Silk?

Funny Color Guard Captions for Insta

  • Hello, random bruise. Where did you come from?

  • Marching Band: Property of the Color Guard

  • Toss On!

  • Just keep spinning.

  • Because throwing things in the air is my thing.

Cute and Clever Color Guard Captions for Pics with Friends

  • We don't twirl, we spin. It's not a gun, it's a rifle. It's not a sword, it's a sabre. And yes, it's a sport.

  • It all started with one drop spin.

  • Breathe in the music and out the performance.

  • A color guard that counts together is a color guard that spins together.

  • You'll never catch a flag if you're always thinking of ways to drop it.