Chandra Wilson Is Directing This Record-Breaking 'Grey's Anatomy' Episode

chandra wilson directing grey's anatomy 332 episode, 2019
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Here's how Chandra Wilson felt about directing the Grey's Anatomy episode that made history.

Get Ready! Chandra Wilson Is Directing This HUGE Episode of Grey's Anatomy

Miranda Bailey (Chandra Wilson) has been one of our favorite characters since the dawn of Grey's Anatomy in 2005. She is fire in every sense of the word – and if we lost her, we don't know how we could ever continue the show. She raised our favorite group of interns and grew into the Chief of Surgery we all knew she could be – even if Karev (Justin Chambers) won't give it up just yet.

14 years later, Wilson has gone above and beyond her acting duties to direct 19 episodes of the beloved medical drama, including the beautiful Callie (Sara Ramirez) and Arizona (Jessica Capshaw) wedding. Now, Wilson has the chance to direct one more for season 15 – and this one is going to be monumental.

Wilson will direct the upcoming episode "We Didn't Start the Fire," which airs on Feb. 28. And the special part? The episode is the show's 332nd episode, which means it will surpass the record for the longest-running primetime medical drama in television history, currently held by ER.

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Recently, Wilson opened up to Buzzfeed News about directing the groundbreaking episode.

"I noticed it at the beginning of the season, because we've been counting to see which episode was going to get us there," Wilson said. "So when I saw my name [listed as director] I was really excited and really flattered."

Following the initial excitement of directing the episode came the "weight and responsibility" that came along with it, like what the script was going to be, what she needed to do and say, and if the episode would surround the original or new cast.

While Wilson was understandably filled with nerves and excitement, she reassured fans that the record-shattering episode would not be one they should miss.

"We end up with an episode that really lets the fans know that we continue," Wilson said. "That's really at the end of the day what it ends up being about, so I'm excited."

And so are we!

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