Get Lost in These 21 Central Park Instagram Captions

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Central Perk? How about Central Park? Here are our favorite Insta captions!

Best Central Park Instagram Captions

Want to relax in New York City? Unlikely chance. But, you can always unwind and take a walk through Central Park. If you swing by, don't forget to snap a few million pictures. Because this little patch of green in the big city is one hell of a time. In a good way. Need a bit of inspiration for your followers on social media? Don't worry. We've got the best Central Park Instagram captions.

It's time to feel like you're in Gossip Girl. Whether you're in NYC in the spring or winter, we've got you back with some cute and inspiring quotes and sayings for Central Park captions on Instagram. So, get out there and have a blast.

Witty Central Park Captions for Instagram


• Experience the perks of Central Park.

• Let's go to Central Park.

• Live, Love, Visit Central Park

• For friends who gather here.

• I love Central Park because I feel like I am somewhere else.

• Central Park will make you feel brand new.

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Good Captions About Central Park

• Imagine Central Park

• Radiate positive vibes.

• My heart burns for the city lights, but my soul lives for Central Park.

• Central Park is always a good idea.

• Left my heart in Central Park.

• Central Park is waiting.

Funny Instagram Captions for Central Park

• My tush belongs here.

• I am the Central Park jogger.

• Visiting about

• The best part of Central Park? It's free.

• Central Park State of Mind

Central Park Zoo Captions for Insta

• This is pandamonium.

• Let's get wild.

• Where the wild things are.

• "The city is not a concrete jungle. It is a human zoo." – Desmond Morris