Twitter Wants 'Captain Marvel' Post-Credit Scenes Following First Reaction Posts

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Captain Marvel via Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

Things are looking good for 'Captain Marvel'! Now, how about those post-credit scenes?

First Reactions for 'Captain Marvel' Are Looking Fantastic

People have been buzzing about Captain Marvel since it was first announced in October 2014. Not only is the fantastic Brie Larson playing the famous Carol Danvers, Captain Marvel is about to become the first female-led superhero film at Marvel Studios. Sorry, Black Widow. On Tuesday evening, Captain Marvel was screened for its first round of critics, who aptly shared their opinions on Twitter – and it looks overwhelmingly positive. While this only builds to the hype, fans are all asking for details on the Captain Marvel post-credit scenes. And to be honest, we don't blame them.

On Twitter, Perri Nemiroff from Collider wrote, "The future of the MCU gets even brighter adding #CaptainMarvel to the mix. Really fell for @brielarson's sass, strength & energy in the role. Same with @LashanaLynch too! Ben Mendelsohn is A+ casting as Talos. And yes, Goose is a scene stealer. 2nd viewing can't come soon enough."

Meanwhile, Peter Sciretta of Slash Film wrote, "#CaptainMarvel is a great origin story. Brie's buddy cop chemistry with @SamuelLJackson is so much fun and her relationship with Lashana Lynch is the real heart of it. Ben Mendelsohn and the cat both steal the show."

After hearing this, along with other raving reviews, we can't help but feel hyped for the film.

But...What About The Captain Marvel Post-Credit Scenes?

Now, as we wait for the film's release on Mar. 8 of this year, Twitter raises some important questions for those who have reviewed the film. What's happening in the Captain Marvel post-credit scene?

Apparently, Captain Marvel has a lot going on outside of the movie – and you better get ready to cry in the theater because Sonaiya Kelley of the LA Times revealed that the Marvel film will have one tearful pre-credit scene and two post-credit scenes. That means we're getting more content before and after the movie.

And yes, it certainly looks like both of the end-credits for Captain Marvel will get you hyped for Endgame.

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