Call Of The Void: Everything You Need To Know About L'appel Du Vide

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Ever heard of the 'call of the void' phenomenon? Here are the psychology and meaning behind 'call of the void' as well as the right way to say l'appel du vide.

Call Of The Void: Everything You Need To Know About L'appel Du Vide

Call of the void. We've all experienced it. We've all thought about it. But, what is the meaning of 'the call of the void' phenomenon? What the psychology behind the call of the void? The call of the void, also known in French as l’appel du vide, is a wildly fascinating aspect of human behavior. And now, we're going to explain it to you, simply. Here's everything you need to know about the phenomenon, from the meaning behind the term to the proper l’appel du vide pronunciation.

Call Of The Void Phenomenon Meaning

Have you ever driven your car and thought to yourself, "What if I just drive my car into oncoming traffic?" Or perhaps you've gotten to the top of a cliff and thought of jumping off, even if you have no intention of actually dying? That's the call of the void or l’appel du vide.

According to the blog TruthHawk, the "call of the void is the call of self-sabotage," which basically means that there is an urge to regress when you're making progress. For example, the blog describes the idea of someone trying to get in shape who feels the urge to skip a workout or eat something that isn't good for you. But, know that to self-sabotage is human. According to TruthHawk, humans have adapted to feel comfortable. So, it's only natural that we are resistant to change.

So, why do we hear the call according to science? What is the psychology behind the call of the void?

Call Of The Void Psychology: Why Do We Hear L'appel Du Vide?

In 2012, a group of American psychologists dubbed the feeling of the call of the void as "high place phenomenon."

How To Stop The Call Of The Void

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