5 Quick Facts About Brynn Cartelli On The Voice

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5 Things To Know About Brynn On The Voice

The Voice season 14 certainly has it cut out for them this year. From magical performance to epic battles, our judges, Adam Levine, Black Shelton, Alicia Keys, and Kelly Clarkson, have gone through a lot to select their teams. And it's just getting started from here. But, who is the next Voice? Well, we're down to the wire now. And one particular contestant has stuck out, and it's not just because of her age. Miss Brynn Cartelli (not Bryn, Brinn, or Brin) from Team Kelly has been captivating audiences since her audition a few weeks ago. So, who is Brynn Cartelli? How old is Brynn on The Voice? Where is she from? Well, if you're so curious, stay tuned! Here are 5 things you need to know about Brynn from The Voice.

Now that we're in the final rounds, could Brynn win it all on The Voice? Watch The Voice finale on May 22 on NBC.

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1. How Old Is Brynn From The Voice?

Ever felt like you have done nothing with your life? Get this. Brynn from season 14 of The Voice is only 14 years old. That's crazy, but it also makes us question how old do you have to be to be on The Voice? According to NBC's casting page, you have to be 15 years or older to be on the show. It looks like the execs made an exception for Brynn. Still, this is a crazy amazing accomplishment for someone who's only 14. You go, girl!

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2. Where Is Brynn From?

According to her official artist page on NBC's The Voice website, Brynn is from Longmeadow, Massachusetts.

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3. Has Brynn Always Wanted To Be A Singer?

Brynn has always had a passion for singing. She was singing since age four. When she turned six, Brynn joined a theater program and sang in talent shows and variety shows. Now, she plays at local coffee shops and local venues. Honestly, inspiring!

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4. She's Always Been A Fan Of Kelly Clarkson

Recently, Brynn admitted why she chose Kelly as her coach. When speaking to The Reminder, Brynn said, "Blake didn't turn until the end, I saw one chair [Clarkson's] and thought it was going to be easy, and then Blake turned, and it was complicated. These are two people I've been watching on T.V. and for them to be fighting over wanting to work with me and give me a chance to get somewhere in the industry was really surreal. In the end, I knew my five year old self would kill me if I didn't choose Kelly."

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5. On Choosing The Voice VS American Idol

Looks like Brynn has always dreamed of being on a show like The Voice or American Idol. But, it didn't matter which one.

"Before ‘The Voice,' I always dreamed of being on a show, whether it was American Idol or something, it had always been a dream of mine but I never thought of it coming true," Brynn said.