22 Bomb BLACKPINK Lyrics for Instagram Captions

BLACKPINK's music video for \As If It's Your Last\
"As If It's Your Last" via YG Entertainment

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The Perfect Instagram Captions From BLACKPINK Lyrics

Unless you've been living under a rock, you've probably heard of the KPop girlband BLACKPINK. Ready for some fire? We're not sure you're ready for this. But, what the hell, right? We've got the best BLACKPINK lyrics for Instagram captions for you.

Whether you're looking for some sassy lyrics or a short one-liner from your favorite songs, we've got a few BLACKPINK captions for your social media followers. So, it's time to make our girls Jisoo, Jennie, Rosé, and Lisa, proud. Check out our favorite lyrics for the 'Gram.

Best BLACKPINK Instagram Captions


• Burn, Baby, Burn

• Our love is like playing with fire.

• Make ‘em whistle like a missile.

• When darkness comes, I'll be your fire.

• Stay with me.

BLACKPINK Captions for Concerts

• My love is on fire.

• Every time I show up, blow up.

• Call me pretty and nasty.

• You took me for granted, but that's you.

• Blackpink in your area.

BLACKPINK Quotes for Instagram Captions

• I go hard and slay.

• F U, Pay Me

• I don't want a boy, I need a man.

• Forever Young

• I could die in this moment.

Good BLACKPINK Lyrics for Captions on Instagram

• This is a letter from me to you.

• I'm so hot, I need a fan.

• We ride or die.

• I need you to say it.

• I gotta know that you're for real.

• See you later, boy. Maybe never.

• I'm a boss bitch.