"Big News" For Meredith & Riggs And Alex & Jo On Grey's Season 13 Finale?!

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Season 13 finale spoilers!

Showrunner Shonda Rhimes has promised fans that the Grey's Anatomy Season 13 finale will be "on fire". As we've been preparing ourselves for the possible downfall of our favorite hospital, we now know that two major relationships will be in the hot seat as well.


We've recently seen the Meredith Grey, Nathan Riggs, and Maggie Pierce love triangle move forward. But, it looks like things might get even more complicated! The synopsis for the finale states that Mer has some "big news" to share with Riggs, which will bring their relationship to a "turning point."


Uhhh...what?? Is Meredith pregnant again? It's almost a comical assumption because a lot of fans have already mentioned that we don't see enough of Mer's kids. Shonda, wouldn't! Would she?!


Fans might have also noticed that Alex Karev and Jo Wilson haven't been around as much lately. But, it looks like that will change in the next few episodes as well. The synopsis for the finale also states that Alex will be making a "hard choice" in regards to his relationship with Jo.


The Episode 23 synopsis also adds that Alex will be attending a medical conference after making a "shocking discovery". We're pretty convinced that Glee's Matthew Morrison, who is most likely playing Jo's abusive husband, will be at this medical conference. We're also convinced that he'll play a big part in Alex's difficult decision about Jo!

Believe us when we tell you we're nervous!

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From the looks of it, the Season 13 finale will certainly be "on fire" and intense! Kelly McCreary, who plays Maggie, even shared that the finale will be "shocking." She said:


Now that is absolute terrifying. Good luck, Grey's fans! We're going to need it!


What do you think will happen on the May 18th finale??

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