Best Teen Wolf Series Finale Quotes

Teen Wolf

Best Teen Wolf Series Finale Quotes

The Teen Wolf Series Finale Quotes Destroyed Us

We made it, Teen Wolf fans. The Teen Wolf series finale aired tonight and it completely ruined us. Even though show creator and executive producer, Jeff Davis, gave an exclusive look at the Teen Wolf series finale, nothing could really prepare us for the heartbreakingly beautiful quotes and hilarious one-liners by the characters of Teen Wolf. From quotes by Scott McCall (Tyler Posey) to Stiles Stilinski (Dylan O'Brien), the 100th and final episode probably had the best dialogue yet.

The Teen Wolf series finale has Scott, Stiles, Derek Hale (Tyler Hoechlin), and the rest of the pack in the fight of their lives, as they take on Gerard, his army of hunters, and the Anuke-Ite.

So, this one's for you, Teen Wolf fans! Here are the most memorable moments and best quotes from the Teen Wolf series finale.

When informing everyone about the Anuke-Ite's ability to turn into stone, Scott asked Stiles, "What do you fear most?" and Stiles responds:


"Terrified of it, always have been, just seems to be a situation of unfortunate overlap." - Stiles Stilinski


"People that I thought would be with me forever are the ones that I lost. People that I thought I could never trust ended up saving my life, more than once." - Scott McCall


"Well, it's nice to see that someone hasn't lost their optimism." - Derek Hale


"I'm not dying for your either, but I will fight with you." - Liam


"Now we have allies who used to be enemies. Now we have protectors. We have friends willing to fight for us." - Scott McCall

Did you love the Teen Wolf series finale?

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