Best Scandal Season 7 Premiere Quotes


The best Scandal Season 7 premiere quotes from Season 7, Episode 1 (7x01).

Best Scandal Season 7 Quotes: Scandal 2017

It's finally, here Scandal fans. The final season, Scandal Season 7 aired as part of Shondaland's TGIT event, with "Watch Me." And damn was it something.

The Scandal Season 7 premiere was filled with great quotes by the entire cast, from Olivia Pope (Kerry Washington) to Mellie Grant (Bellamy Young). While Scandal will typically have powerful dialogue, but the Scandal Season 7 premiere quotes were probably the best yet! So without further adieu:

Here are some of the best Scandal Season 7 Episode 1 Quotes

Let's start off the best Scandal Season 7 quotes with this awesome conversation, where Olivia asks Mellie, "So, tell me. Which one do you want to be?"

Mellie Responds:

"A monument. I want to be a monument." - Mellie Grant


"THAT is why you never listen to a man over me." - Olivia Pope


"This is not your office. It belongs to the people. To the Republic. This office is sacred. You don't own it - you lease it." - Olivia Pope


"I love a big fat paycheck." - Abby Whelan


"It's a wonder why we spent all these years trying to destroy each other when all this time we could have been friends." - Mellie Grant


Scandal Season 7 airs every Thursday on ABC at 9|8c! Will you be watching?

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