Best Moments From Grey's Anatomy Season 13

Season 13 was crazy! Here is every jaw-dropping moment!

Best Moments From Grey's Anatomy Season 13

Whether you loved it or hated it, Grey's Anatomy Season 13 was one insanely wild carousel ride. Meredith Grey moved on from Derek Shepherd. April Kepner and Jackson Avery finally reunited. And, oh yeah, Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital almost went up in flames! Are you ready to relive it all? We hope so! Because here are the top ten best moments of Grey's Anatomy Season 13!

1. Every MerDer Flashback

Season 13 was filled with heart-wrenching moments, but nothing got us tearing up more than Meredith's flashbacks of her moments with Derek. From the hallucination above to the flashbacks during the airplane episode, we were reduced to a puddle of tears and sobs.

2. When Meredith Grey Joined The Mile-High Club

And when Maggie called her out on it, too. Flawlessly hilarious Grey's moments. How could this moment not make this list?

3. And Then Was Able To Move On From Derek

Okay, okay! So, this also included one super intense MerDer flashback! But, that's not the only reason why this moment was so great! We actually saw Meredith search within herself for an answer, and it was the first moment we saw our girl finally moving on. Beautiful. Just beautiful. I get a little teary eyed just thinking about it.

4. Maggie And Diane's Last Moments Together

Speaking of getting teary eyed. This was the saddest death of Season 13. Maggie might have been annoying before she found out, but Diane was an absolute treasure to watch! And when she handed off her last bit of advice to Maggie before she passed. UGH. Gutted.

5. When Owen Found Out That Megan Was Alive

Grey's Anatomy via ABC

Even if we saw Megan's arrival from a mile away, we were still shocked and it was definitely a scene that drew you back into the show. But, that probably had a lot to do with Kevin McKidd's (Own Hunt) spectacular performance.

6. When Alex "Confronted" Jo's Abusive Husband

So, this scene was just one of many. But, every scene that Justin Chambers (Alex Karev) and Matthew Morris (Dr. Paul Stadler) had SO much freaking tension. We were on the edge of our seats from start to finish and we were fooled into thinking Alex was really foolish enough to confront Stadler twice!

7. When Stephanie Edwards Set The Rapist On Fire

How could this moment not make the list? Stephanie Edwards set a freaking rapist on fire. Queen. Also, this moment reminded us of how we felt during the first few seasons of Grey's Anatomy, which has been pretty rare in the recent seasons.

8. #Japril The Sequel

SIGH. This episode was so good for so many strange reasons. We were happy that Jackson confronted his father, but we were even more excited for a Jackson and April reunion! They ended up hooking up, which delighted every Japril fan.

9. When Jo Finally Told Alex The Truth

Talk about having a heavy weight being lifted off your chest! We let out a collective gasp of relief when Jo finally told Alex the truth. But, we were horrified by the story she told him. Poor Jo. We hope that things get resolved in Season 14!

10. When Eliza Minnick Was Fired

Honestly, was there anything more satisfying than this moment? We hated Minnick when she first came. We were livid with her when she forgot to tell the firemen that Stephanie was missing!! We were just happy when Bailey finally came to her senses and made things right.

Do you agree with our picks? What's your favorite Season 13 moment?

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