6 Best Lip Balms With SPF

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Protection at its finest.

The Best Lip Balms With SPF

Have you ever experienced sunburned lips?

If you have, I'm so sorry. If you haven't, it's one of the worst feelings in the world. We're talking tiny-but-deep-papercut-on-your-finger-levels of pain.

Luckily, there are ways to prevent your lips from burning, including the use of a lip balm with SPF. Because if you're applying sunscreen to your face, you should definitely be applying it to your lips.

So, let's protect that pout. Read on to see our favorite lip balms with SPF.

Nivea Smoothness Lip Care (SPF 15)

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This Nivea lip balm is one of our favorite SPF lip balms for everyday use. It's simple, straightforward, and just works. Our lips feel moisturized and we know they're protected from harmful UVA/UVB rays.

Burt's Bees All-Weather (SPF 15)

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Burt's Bees is one of our favorite lip balms in general, and if you're a long-time Burt's Bees user, we see no reason to switch up your game. This SPF lip balm is great for protecting your lips no matter the weather.

eos Active Lip Balm (SPF 30)

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If you're looking for a little more SPF protection, you can always try out this eos lip balm. You'll get up to 80 minutes of protection. Plus, this formula is both sweat and water resistant.

Jack Black Intense Therapy Lip Balm (SPF 25)

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If you want to treat yourself to a simple lip balm that will make your lips feel soft and protected without feeling too sticky or slick, this Jack Black lip balm may be the way to go. Formulated with green tea, vitamin E, and SPF 25, your lips will provide instant relief and protection against the sun as well as windburn and cold temperatures.

Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment (SPF 15)

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If you want a hint of color with your SPF lip balm, then you need to try out this Fresh lip balm. Made with sugar, grapeseed oil, and meadowfoam and black currant seed oils, this lip balm will leave your lips looking healthier while providing basic protection from the sun.

Banana Boat Sport (SPF 50)

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If you spend a lot of time outdoors and need an SPF lip balm that keeps up with you, then you should try out this Banana Boat lip balm. Not only is it sweat and water resistant, but it also contains SPF 50, which means it will last longer than your typical SPF lip balm.

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