Best Grey's Anatomy Season 13 Quotes

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Best Grey's Anatomy Season 13 Quotes | "We Were Taught Right"

The Best Grey's Anatomy Season 13 Quotes:

Grey's Anatomy Season 13 had some of the best quotes of Grey's Anatomy to date. From ugly-crying inducing moments from the original cast to Stephanie Edwards' last words, Grey's Anatomy Season 13 certainly delivered.

So without further adieu:

Here Are The Best Grey's Anatomy Season 13 Quotes:

Let's begin this emotional rollercoaster with our top pick for Grey's Anatomy Season 13. When Alex Karev (Justin Chambers) was well on his way to turn himself to the police, his person, Meredith Grey (Ellen Pompeo), called him up and told him exactly why he shouldn't.

1. "There were five of us, and now it's just you and I, and it can't be just me. Please don't." - Meredith Grey

2. "You've changed my life, Dr. Webber. You have. You taught me, how, you taught me to take my past and find my path. Thank you. Thank you." - Stephanie Edwards

3. "Dr. Minnick, I don't believe that there is a place for you in my hospital anymore." - Miranda Bailey

4. "I'm sorry, I'm Alex...Stevens. Can I buy you a drink?" - Alex Karev

5. "You know, they call us the Seattle Grace Five. There were six of us that went up and only five of us came back. And now there are only three of us alive. My sister died out there. My kid sister Lexie. I loved her." - Meredith Grey

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