Broken New Year's Resolutions? Here Are 4 Ways to Help You Reach Your 2019 Goals

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It's not too late to reach your goals in 2019!

Get Back on Track With Your Broken New Year's Resolutions

We're now officially a week into 2019. Did you keep up with your New Year's resolutions?

If your answer is 'no', then don't worry. You're not alone. This is coming from a girl who told herself that she would finally stop biting her nails in 2019 and 5 minutes into the new year, she proceeded to pick off her pinkie nail. I get it.

But, this year is going to be different, right? This is the year we're going to make those resolutions stick.

So if you're like me and you want to get your shit together and achieve some goals after promptly screwing it up, then keep reading. Here are a few ways you can get back on track with your broken New Year's resolutions.

Get a Planner or Journal That YOU Love

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After choosing a small goal you want to accomplish for 2019, get organized with a planner or journal. According to Forbes, if you vividly describe or draw your goals then you are much more likely to accomplish your goals. So, get those ideas down on paper for more motivation to succeed.

I personally love the Passion Planner if you're interested in a dated planner and a minimalistic bullet journal if you're looking to get a little more creative.

Set Aside Time for Your Goals

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According to, you should devote a minimum of 15 minutes a day to your goal if you want to see a change in your life. That means that you should try to actively do your goal at least 15 minutes a day for it to eventually become a habit.

To ensure that you get this done, you can always get a to-do list that has all your daily tasks, including your new goal. That way, you can keep yourself accountable every day.

Turn to Technology

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If you love technology and you spend a lot of time on your phone, then the best thing you can probably do for yourself when it comes to sticking with your New Year's resolution is to get a goal tracking app.

StickK and Lifetick are both solid options.

Remind Yourself Why You Set the Goal

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According to Inc., a way to ensure that your goals are motivating enough to complete is to focus on the meaning behind the goal. In short, you'll just be more likely to finish something that you care about that really gives you a sense of accomplishment at the end.

A great visual way to remind yourself every day of why you set a goal is to make a vision board. A simple cork board is really all you need to get started.

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