Are Cassie and Colton Still Together on 'The Bachelor'? Fans Question If An Engagement Is Still In The Works

are cassie and colton still together 2019 the bachelor
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Is love dead or are Colton and Cassie still together on 'The Bachelor'?

Are Cassie & Colton Still Together or Engaged After 'The Bachelor'?

After a fence jump that certainly exceeded all expectations, we're finally down to the wire on The Bachelor season 23, but the drama is definitely just starting to unfold. While most fans are dying to know what happens in the finale, we have a few potential spoilers about what's to come, including who wins Colton' Underwoods heart in the end. So did Colton finally heed the warnings about who is and isn't ready to get engaged? We aren't so sure, but we certainly hope that the former football player is following his heart.

In the Bachelor cliffhanger, fans saw Colton choose Cassie Rudolph during their overnight date. However, much to everyone's surprise, Cassie leaves. But, are Colton and Cassie still together after the final rose? Now that Colton has confessed and his feelings are all out on the table, the future seems unclear – and the only thing we're sure of at this point is that Colton isn't sure about what's coming next. Will viewers see Cassie come back to The Bachelor? According to a few spoilers and rumors, Cassie and Colton are still together. But, does this mean that Colton is engaged to Cassie?

Here's everything we know so far, including a few not-so-subtle hints from Colton.

What Happened With Colton & Cassie?

So if you're a little bit out of the loop when it comes to Colton and Cassie, we'll break it down for you.

Before the overnight date with the Huntington Beach native, Colton told Cassie that she was "The One" for him after Cassie's father arrived on set and Cassie made up her mind to leave, stating that she wasn't ready to get engaged after the show stopped filming.

"I can definitely see us working forever. I feel like my whole life has been leading to tonight because I love Cassie. I want to be with Cassie. My heart is complete when I think of Cassie," Colton revealed in the episode.

Following Cassie's departure from the show, Colton ran away from The Bachelor set and gave viewers the now-famous fence jump. Now that Cassie is gone and he can't possibly choose Hannah Godwin or Tayshia Adams at this point, where does Colton go from here?

Well, according to Colton in an interview with Us Weekly, he didn't give up on his search for love.

"I had a very important conversation with Chris [Harrison] about that [is,] … ‘Where do we go from here?'" Colton revealed. "And then having a conversation with my family and my dad really helped put things into perspective. It was like, ‘You owe this to yourself and you owe this to these women to really explore and see where to go from here.'"

Does Cassie Come Back to Colton?

Well, technically no. Cassie doesn't come running back to Colton. But, according to Reality Steve, who has predicted everything that happened from this season so far, Colton goes after Cassie after he breaks up with Tayshia and Hannah G. So Cassie and Colton are together – and if you look closely, it doesn't look like Colton's even trying to hide his Bachelor winner.

On Feb. 28, Just Jared uncovered that Colton went to the gym with singer Jake Miller and actor Gregg Sulkin, who is currently dating Cassie's sister, Michelle. Colton has also been liking a few of Gregg's posts on Instagram. Perhaps the two are simply just friends, but the connection with Cassie's family is very much alive.

Late last year, Reality Steve also dug deep and found a few photos that suggested that Cassie has been hanging out with Colton after revealing similar-looking nail polish.

A few days ago, Reddit user rialoha discovered that Colton is also currently friends with Cassie on Venmo – as well as the Bachelor star's mother.

While we're impressed by the beautiful level of sleuthing by this fan, we're also inclined to believe that these are more than just a few coincidences, given what Reality Steve has predicted on his website.

We'll let you decide.

Does Colton Get Engaged to Cassie After 'The Bachelor'?

Now that we're pretty certain about the status of Colton and Cassie's relationship, we're left wondering if the couple has since gotten engaged. Per Reality Steve, the couple is together, but they are not engaged.