How Sarah Drew Imagined April Kepner's Exit from Grey's Anatomy to Go

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How Sarah Drew Imagined April Kepner's Exit from Grey's Anatomy to Go

We were enchanted to meet Sarah Drew's April Kepner on Grey's Anatomy. As one of the most-hated characters for basically getting Derek Shepherd shot in the infamous shooting episode to one of the most beloved characters in Grey's Anatomy history, Drew has some serious skill when it comes to making an audience fall in love with her.

Now that season 15 of the ABC medical drama has begun, we can't help but feel like our Grey's family is missing a piece, as Drew and her costar, Jessica Capshaw, who played Arizona Robbins, were booted from the show so suddenly.

In fact, their storylines almost feel incomplete, as if they should have been sent off in a different way. While we were given some time to digest that Arizona would be leaving Seattle for her daughter and ex-lover in New York, viewers witnessed April hastily marry and decide to leave town in the last half hour of the season 14 finale.

So, how would things end differently? Fans have a million of their own opinions. But, Drew recently opened up on how she would rewrite April's ending. And yes, it is so much more magical than we could have imagined.

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In an interview with Elite Daily, Drew praised April's personal journey of growth from brokenness to something whole.

However, Drew also admitted that she didn't think that being whole for April necessarily meant that she had to be married.

So, if she had the chance to rewrite her character's ending on Grey's, things would have been so different.

"I think what would've been great would've been for her to kind of walk off into the sunset without needing a man to fill that brokenness," Drew said.

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Do you love that ending or what, Grey's fans?

While we adore the Grey's Anatomy writers for everything that they bring to the table, as fans ourselves, Drew's ending just makes more sense.

April was strong on her own and we would have been happier to see her go pursue something on her own without randomly grasping onto Matthew (or even Jackson) to fill in the gaps.

She is a soldier, after all.

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Do you think that April deserved a better ending?

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