Apple TV Plus Release Date, Price, and More

apple tv plus cost, release date
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A streaming storm is coming.

Apple TV Plus Has Been Announced & My Wallet Is Already Weeping

It looks like the future is streaming. But, at this rate, a cable package is going to be cheaper than the 50 different streaming services we'll have to buy to catch all of our favorite shows. With Disney+ on the horizon of release, Apple just announced its Apple TV Plus, a new streaming service that is supposed to be "unlike anything that's been done before."

In the announcement video, Apple revealed that the service will be filled with a plethora of original stories created by major stars, such as Steven Spielberg, Reese Witherspoon, Oprah Winfrey, and Jennifer Aniston. According to The Verge, Apple has "poured money into forming a star-studded roster of talent working to produce programming that can hopefully stand equal with Netflix's best shows." So when will Apple TV Plus be released, how much will it cost, and what type of content have the stars created so far? Here's what we know.

Everything You Need to Know About Apple TV Plus

Per The Verge, Apple revealed that they have been expected to spend about $2 billion on original content for Apple TV Plus in an attempt to compete with shows on Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon. The publication also revealed that the service will give fans an ad-free experience that has content available on demand. All content will also be available to watch online and offline.

Now, let's dig into the important stuff. How much will all of this cost you and when will you get to use it?

According to Tech Radar, Apple is planning to add Apple TV Plus to the Apple TV app in fall 2019, and viewers will be able to watch content available on the new service on their smart TVs, MacOS, and iOS, similar to its competitors.

That being said, Apple did not reveal the Apple TV Plus price during the Mar. 25 event. Given the money that has been notably poured into creating the service, we're afraid this original content won't come cheap. However, as things stand now, we simply do not know.

Vulture explained that both Disney and WarnerMedia, who are releasing streaming platforms of their own in the future, have also refrained from sharing the price for their respective services. "Why reveal your price point to consumers before your competitors do, particularly since those rivals won't have Apple's leg up in terms of distributing its offering to a billion potential customers?" the publication wrote. "Putting out a number today would also allow reporters ... to start asking whether Apple is charging too much or too little for its service."

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